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I was playing the Starraria adventure map. The maker gave each of the 6 players some biome keys or a shadow key. This was to allow the players to into the chests he had set up for each of their classes. This got me thinking Terraria could use more keys.

There could be a set of keys to go with a set of locks. A red key for a red lock and green key for green lock, etc. The locks would be like switches. They could be placed on the side of blocks or on the walls. When used with the matching key it would output a pulse on a wire. To start with I was thinking the colors would be red, green, blue, and yellow. There would also be matching locked chests for these keys.
Red key and chest
Yellow key and chest
Blue key and chest
Green key and chest
(Sprites by Edward Kenway)

The gray lock would be the same only work with any of the keys. What sets it apart is that it was the key will match the wire attached to it. So if you use the red key it will send the pulse down the red wire. So depending on what color key you use the same lock could do different things.

For multiplayer maps there is the team key. It will send the pulse down the wire that matches your team color. For this to work to it's fullest yellow and pink wire will have to be implemented.

I could see a lot of use for adventure maps and team vs maps. The keys and locks would likely be sold by the Mechanic.

One thing would I think I will miss was the possibilities of locked chests for adventure maps. You could only use a level editor to get them but when making them but you could put any number of thing in them. We could ether need to have unobtainable locked chest that works with the keys or have my Lock Box idea. The Lock Box was a chest that could be locked/unlocked with a wire. If it was wired to a one of the locks then you could use the keys.
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I like this idea, although I would like to add that on top of the keys sending signals, you could craft (Color) Locked door and you need that color key to open it?
Yes, I would like locked doors. We could use a lock wired to an actuator door but it would look cooler to have a real door with a lock.
I would prefer colors like copper, sliver, and gold for keys. It would be nice to make locks that can be placed on chests and doors for adventure maps even without any wiring to them.
That would be good too. You couldn't be able to craft golden keys but locks for them is another story. I was thinking of things like skull keys and other things. Maybe it would need a new crafting station to make them. Part of why I want this is for adventure maps. It would be nice to have locked chests and doors you could place with what ever you wanted and where you want them. I would think you craft the lock and use it on the chest/door you wish to keep shut.

I still want red, green, yellow, blue, and pink locks. I asked for pink wire before finding out we can only have 4. So to make up for it there would be five "locks" that act as triggers when you use the right key reusable key. There would also be a sixth key that matches your team color. That way only people of the right team could use it. Still that would need some way to lock players on their teams.
I give full support and Ill give some sprites for the color coded keys. The keys I sprited were for team colors so only that team can open a chest if they had that key

Ill make the chest colors later but this is all I can do at the moment!

Your welcome
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