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Concrete Mix and Concrete


Concrete Mix would be a block that falls when placed (like sand, silt, etc.) and then solidifies into stone-like Concrete either on impact or after a set amount of time passes. Breaking the solidified Concrete would yield the Concrete block itself.

Concrete Mix would be crafted at the Blend-O-Matic when near a body of water or a sink. Possible ingredients:
  • Stone (renewable with Rock Golems and Gem Trees)
  • Sand (renewable using the Sand Gun and ammo conservation bonuses)
  • Ash (thematically appropriate, but non-renewable)
  • Silt (thematically appropriate, but extremely rare and more valuable when used with an Extractinator)
  • Gel (the binder, abundant and renewable)
This would be very useful for large building projects, allowing you to fill in an area with the ease of sand but without the risk of infection.

If the recipe includes Stone and/or Sand, a potential addition would be the use of infected blocks to make cosmetic variations of concrete for aesthetic purposes.
  • Corrupt Concrete (Eboncrete?) would be dark purple with medium color saturation – normal paints would have a modest pop of color
  • Crimson Concrete (Crimcrete?) would be deep red with high color saturation – normal paints would stand out boldly
  • Hallow Concrete (Pearlcrete?) would be bright pink with very little color saturation – normal paints would barely tint it
These variants would be purely cosmetic in nature and would not cause any sort of infection spread.
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