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Connection Tool


Instead of having to add a accent variant to every block, it might be easier to code a tool that would connect, and disconnect blocks. The reason is purely for building. the tool would have a GUI that is opened when right-clicked, similar to the grand design, only difference is that their are 3 options, and each have a set amount of options:the first one is whether or not the tool will connect or disconnect blocks, so it have "Connect"(Create connections),"Disconnect"(Destroy Connections), and "Vice Versa"(If their are any connections selected, then those would be destroyed, but if the area selected has empty space, then connections would be made their( Practicly the same as the LuiAFK "Actuation Rod")). the second option would be shape:The first option is "Player Drawn Line"(Which will make the line by following the cursors exact movement), the second is automatic-line(The same like the grand design),and the third one "Area"(Most useful)(like the line but instead it does everything inside the lines).And the third option/button for the GUI is "What to effect":This one will only have 2 options and that is 1."A;; connection made by selected blocks"(Will effect all connections from or to the selected blocks), and Connection(Effects the Individual connections)

Note:This is more to decorations because it doesn`t really do anything else except decorations.


Inventory management and such - wise, it could be interesting, but I think as far as coding it is concerned, it still require creating accent versions' spritesheets for those blocks, so it probably would increase the workload to code them.

I remember there is a tool like "rattlesnake wand" in one mod, uhh... "Vipix Toolbox" maybe? which turns sand into hardened sand when you click on a block with left click, and turns hardened sand into sand via right click.
(which is an incredibly awesome tool to dig tunnels in sand, without having to mine 6 853 blocks of sand for a 10x3 tunnel... and something that should be in the vanilla game too. seriously, mining tunnels in sand is really annoying...)
I think that sort of approach could work too, and would be really easy. left click on normal stone slab turns it into accent stone slab, right click on accent stone slab turns it into normal stone slab.

However that still would require to sprite... ah... actually no!!! The old spritesheets of those blocks should work all fine for the accent versions, right? so, it's simply that those should be added back as "accent dynasty wood" "accent gemspark" etc.
normally crafted in ecto mist, but also could be turned back and fort via a tool like "rattlesnake wand"

what you say could reach farther though, and could be more convinient for large builds. I think that thing could be the upgraded tinker of the "rattlensnake wand" like tool.

Scratch Lunin

Skeletron Prime
I like this idea. It'd provide an easier way to solve the accent problem then creating a load of new blocks, though blending not normally blend-able blocks would still require new spritesheets.
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