Official Console and Mobile updates ETA

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Yay! Thanks for the news! Although we don't get it all, I'm glad I can finally progress in the game again. Great job to the developers and 505, hopefully for consoles we can see that handful of content produced early in Q1.
I would like to see continuous news about the upcoming content from 505 Games, more community interaction, just like they promised :). They also promised to bring smaller updates, so maybe they could bring this hand full of content in short bursts. Just a thought, whatever is best, fastest, and safest for the developers I support it.
Squash those bugs! I am so excited, again a huge THANK YOU!! :D :D
just put a helmet on to get rid of the flaps. and the only mounts we will be missing is the bee mount and slime mount
[DOUBLEPOST=1449088905,1449088822][/DOUBLEPOST]and there should be more reason to fight ocram
That's good news.

Also, i can't help my self but i'm a little disappointed about the custom control announced but not in the list... I can't wait for being able to play ranged/magic correctly, meaning jumping and aiming at the same time (on the Vita, you jump with X and aim with the right stick, meaning you can't do both...).

I know there's a lot of stuff added, and i'm grateful, but custom controls means playing with so much more stuff that's already in game (i mostly play melee now expect with high end OP stuff).

I'll wait then. :)
is the slime saddle gonna be added on mobile?
Yes! all PC content through 1.2.4 is 100% going to be include in the Mobile Version update. Can't wait until Apple and Android get through the submission process and we get to experience the Duke. This is going to be one:redspin: of an update! Thanks CodeGlue and Re-Logic and 505 Games-Mobile and 505 games! Whoo! Looks like I am out of breath. Exciting Times!
Excited that 505 held true to getting the update out before years end. Disapointed that all the items I wanted the most are not getting added until Q1! Mostly the weapon racks. I was looking forward to finishing my all item display workshop. Will item racks be added or are they 1.3 content?
[DOUBLEPOST=1449093805,1449093489][/DOUBLEPOST]Do we get all the new banners? I hope so, that will side track me long enough for the rest of the content to come out!
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