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The Destroyer
A while ago, I posted this in a status post, and I recently realized I should've posted this in T-MEC.
Do you think this would work?
If you're wondering which video, it's from JMFTW spawnkill part 1: Pre-Hardmode.​

Recently, I've been working on blowing up a Journey world, and I plan on making it into an adventure map.
An idea I just had for a boss is the Wall of Fire.
Basically, you are in a hallway where every block of the floor and ceiling is flame traps. You know what happens next. There's a countdown. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
4 birds release, 2 on top of the ceiling, and 2 under the floor. The birds fly through tiny honey-flooded hallways with pressure plates that activate the adjacent flame traps, and also some other traps.
Basically, there's fire in front of you and fire behind you. There could also be more birds in front of the front wall and behind the back wall, to stop you from escaping.

Some of the attacks would be:
Dart Traps shooting from the front (or back) wall with a 4(or 5)-block gap for you to jump through.
Boulders rolling along the floor.
Spiky Circle Traps to necessitate that you watch your step.

The front wall disappears as it reaches the end of the hallway, and you have to go through the door before the back wall catches up.

If you have any suggestions for or questions about the aforementioned adventure map, please reply to this thread with said suggestions or questions.

EDIT: the fire walls are going in the same direction, and you're between them.
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I just had another idea for a boss, it's a sand boss!
You have to dodge the falling sand, and stand on the sand that already fell. Eventually, the sand will be high enough for you to jump through the exit.
There might also be some other traps like dart traps, Spiky Circle Traps, and Geysers.
I just had a 3rd idea for a boss! It shoots a bunch of random traps and stuff from the ceiling, and the floor is a checker pattern of inactive and active blocks that switches occasionally.
When a trap goes through the floor, a Flame Trap or something activates.
I've been blowing up a Journey world (You can find out more about that in my status posts, I post about it about once a day), and I plan on making it into an adventure map.

Corman (The character I'll use to make the map and have been using to destroy the world) is the main character of the hit anime, Sunset of Clouds. (It's made up, it doesn't actually exist)
He beat the game with his friend Norman, but Norman abused his OP Journey Mode powers, and became evil.
Norman renamed himself Lunatic, and started a cult. Norman set up a bunch of crazy traps everywhere, but it came at a cost: his invincibility.
Sunset of Clouds is all about Corman's journey to stop Norman, and bring peace back to the world.

That's the lore I made for his original playthrough, but Corman isn't the main character of Corman's Fun Land. He's the secondary antagonist. Corman's Fun Land is the sequel to the Sunset of Clouds.
After Corman beat Norman, Norman escaped. Corman got a mysterious call from someone who said he had information about Norman. But the information came at a cost.
To get the information, Corman had to blow up a world. He did so, and got driven insane in the process. The rockets were deafening. The flashing lights were blinding.
His mind and body went numb, and then the person who had called Corman revealed himself to be Norman. "I can restore your senses," Norman said. "All it costs... Is your soul."
Corman agreed. Norman used evil magic to restore Corman, but make him forever subservient to his will. He made Corman build a theme park. An evil theme park.

If you have any ideas or questions about Corman's Fun Land, feel free to ask or tell them. If the ideas or questions are about bosses, post them in this thread.
(Mods, feel free to merge the aforementioned boss fight thread into this thread.)

This adventure map is still only a work in progress though.
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I have started work on the first room. It's at spawn, and there is a sign that tells you to press the Jellyfish Reset Switch. In a chest is some tickets. (Magic Missiles)
There's a hoik to go out of the room and then you have to parkour your way on some platforms to the Jellyfish Reset Switch. At the start of the parkour section there's a sign warning not to fall.
Once you flip the switch, a Jellyfish spawns and teleports to another teleporter.

I plan on having a thing so you shoot the magic missile, and it homes in on a Jellyfish, but the Jellyfish will be teleporting around, and the Magic Missiles will go in a circle.
This is because I couldn't figure out how to make the portal work using hoiks. (See first post in this thread)

I also hid the first special chest, the Mega Ultra Secret Chest. It has Demon Hearts, Artisan Loaves, and Mechanical Minecart Upgrades.
I've mostly finished the first challenge, all I have left is to make an orange portal appear in the location of the next puzzle, which I haven't started yet.
The fist challenge is basically the entrance exam for the whole map; you have to parkour around to start up the portal.
The portal itself ended up being really underwhelming, but such is life.

Also, I've decided that on Sunday, I'll have a sibling come onto the world and playtest.
After Treedigit is another golf level, and then there's a Magic Missile puzzle.
After that, there's the 3rd boss. It is NEXT LEVEL, and I'm not going to spoil it.
Then there's another golf level, and it's deceptively simple; you have to stand in a specific spot and hit the golf circle into the cups, but the cups are on spikes.
That level and the 3rd boss fight are both optional, and most of the other levels and bosses past this point will be too.
I've made the next level. It's a very basic, wooden parkour area. Next I plan on making a few more parkour areas, including a bouncy area using Pink Slime Block,
a slippery area using Ice blocks, an extra slippery area using Frozen Slime Blocks, and a geyser-filled parkour area hooked up to a timer.
Since geysers have cooldowns, you have to jump around when the geysers aren't activating, and make sure to be on a spot that won't get geysered when the cooldown ends.
I made a mushroom lab. It has some bats, and then some parkour where you can see the blocks you have to jump on, but they become invisible once you start jumping.
Then there is a chest with yoyos. The yoyos will be used later on in Corman's Fun Land.
I also thought of a boss I could make: Red Boulder.
A hallway with a boulder rolling in it, and the boulder is behind you and you are running away from the boulder. The boulder is running over teal pressure pads that activate traps and stuff.
Also the floor is dart traps that are wired to the teal pressure pads on top of them so "Red Boulder" is shooting darts upwards. Maybe some geysers too.
I made a big tall tower that requires a yoyo for you to go into it. It has some parkour and there is a bed at the top.
There's also 4 teleporters, one of which will lead to the zone that unlocks the next major bed point, and the other 3 zones will unlock items that are needed to get through the other zone.
Does anyone have ideas for what any of said zones will entail? The player currently has access to a Magic Missile, an Iron (for golfing), and a Code 1 yoyo.
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