Could Journey Mode's Godmode toggle be expanded into a damage resistance slider?

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The primary draw, in my opinion, for Journey mode is accessibility. It reduces a lot of grind time down, and it kind of evens the playing field for users that want to experiment with certain encounters.

However, for players at my level, basically anything below Master mode is laughably easy. Unfortunately, this means there's a huge skill gap between players at each difficulty level now, and bosses in Normal mode don't scale in multiplayer at all.. while Expert mode scaling may be too much for some people, such as my more casual friends.

A way around this is just turning on Godmode, but just having an invincibility button isn't fun if you still want to be at risk of dying. If it could be set as a sort of damage resistance slider, with 100% damage resistance giving you original Godmode's effects, then it would help Journey mode further bridge the gap between users of all skill levels and allow people to be less afraid of getting into higher difficulty fights without worrying about holding friends back.

So.. yeah, that's about it. I just like accessibility options, and since we already have an invulnerability button, changing it to be a damage resistance button instead could be a nice change?

I won't stress about it too much, though. It won't kill me to just play inefficiently when playing with more casual friends.

Mille Marteaux

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I didn't know that as I've never used magic while under Godmode lol

Mana consumption slider would be nice as well if that's the case, but I really feel like mana would just be a yes/no thing considering Mana Regeneration Potions are incredibly powerful and basically enable permanent casting without Mana Sickness.. or some people just use Mana Flower.


What about the mana consumption rate?
Did you know godmode also grants infinite mana?
I've always felt the infinite mana in godmode was unnecessary (buffing only one class for no reason), I wouldn't mind if it was just removed completely when implementing this feature.


Maybe Journey mode’s menu could use a complete rework. In my opinion, I do kinda feel like it’s not very customizable.


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Journey Mode AFAIK is just "creative but not", and you have to "earn" things in order to be able to grant infinite supply (to said thing).
Which isn't technically true since the mana is just being replentished at a very fast rate. You can see the flicker if you use things like last prism or lunar flare.
So for that regard you have infinite health (invincibility) and infinite mana, but you still need ammo because they have separate stats.
You are trying to make it "journey mode but better" which I think make sense, but I believe the "master mode XX class playthrough" is over-hyped and not really the game's """intended""" way to be played, if there is any "intended" ways to play the game.
Drawing analogy from Minecraft. You can use commands to get yourself status effects beyond what that is normally possible in-game, so you can be "next to invincible". We don't have that here, but you also have to remember it's a "creative but not" mode, so when will said feature be available to individual characters, not entirely sure.
I suppose we can put it behind ML, but that will require you to defeat the bosses (probably with invincibility turned on).
I do agree that the current interface is between "somewhat cluttered" and "extremely cluttered", compared to the clean categorization of all the available items in Minecraft. But we have 5000 items (and coming), and Minecraft have maybe 500, and that's the most "exclusive" Education Edition with periodic table element blocks.

This extends to the "crafting interface" a little, since you have a "scrolling bar" and a "craft-able item grid", which is not unsimilar to Minecraft's "recipe and crafting grid", but in a game where there exists no crafting grid this feels somewhat redundant.
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