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Create A Terraria Death Message


Eye of Cthulhu
X became a zombie.(by a zombie)
X got destroyed.(by the destroyer)
X was crushed.(when the wall of flesh reaches the other end of the map)
X tried to fly.(fall damage)
X was a bad boy.(by the santa-nk)


Duke Fishron
Also works for that situation:
Oh yeah, the healthcare system here is the same as in America, <player> was unaware of that.


Duke Fishron
1) Yellex got swallowed by the code. (Failed mod loading)
2) Yellex was teleported to another world. (Get killed by Lunatic Cultist)
3) Yellex was slain shamefully. (Get killed by a Green Slime in Hard Mode)
4) Yellex was turned into a snowman. (Get killed by Ice Queen)
5) Yellex got killed by... what? (Get killed by another player's Broken Copper Shortsword in Expert-Hard Mode)
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