CC Creation Compendiums 1-18, ported over!

Discussion in 'Community Projects' started by darthmorf, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. -=+Seth+=-

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  2. Awordley

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    It must of been a lot of hassle to move all these, but it's worth it to see them on the new forums!
    Good job darthmorf!
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  3. darthmorf

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    ? The thing you quoted didn't have anything to do with you...
  4. Guide in use

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    I love the art bro
  5. Czar

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    So the creation compendium is just in game builds, right
  6. MiltVala

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    Nope, you can do fan art also
  7. JOMegaTNT

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    I really like the Creation Compendiums. It features really amazing Art pieces and their creator.
  8. Si TwamFwan

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    Awesome Creation!
  9. Boro

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    I think these are only the 'new' CC's, I remember entering a few times but those are not in any of these.
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    gg Terraria, gg
  11. darthmorf

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    These are the 'aye aye-Quackersdelta' era CCS aye aye covers this in the intro thingy.
  12. Boro

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    Ah ok, thanks!
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    What's the next contest?
  14. ppowersteef

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    Halloween themed
    Ends next week, or sooner
  15. darthmorf

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    No. There are no themes.
    --- Double Post Merged, Nov 1, 2014 ---
    Post an entry of either some art, or a build or something on @QuackersDelta 's profile.
  16. ppowersteef

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    in that case, i've understand it wrong
    there'll probably some halloween related entries though
  17. darthmorf

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    Yes, probably. remember: The creation compendium has NO themes whatsoever.
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    Thank you!
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