CC Creation Compendiums 1-18, ported over!

Discussion in 'Community Projects' started by darthmorf, Sep 29, 2014.

  1. GoldenTerrabyte

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    I've always wanted to be featured! I'll be sure to cook up a picture for the next one, Quackers! Just you wait!
  2. zimberzimber

    zimberzimber Terrarian

    Will the creation compendium be running on TCF as well?
    I might have something to contribute this time!
    Also I can help with formatting if you get mixed up.
  3. ppowersteef

    ppowersteef Paladin

    Now i can see the very first ones
  4. Mystery

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    Oh, it's really cool to see these all here. Thanks for moving them all over darthmorf!
  5. darthmorf

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    I'd just like to say a few things:
    There are still more even older CCS, the ones run Kane. But I don't have permission for those, and they were done quite differently from ayeaye's style. Kane has also started up an alternate cc with themes etc. on TO.
  6. maxthespaz

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    This is awesome! I hope I can actually finish a project in time to submit it though :p
  7. Ridash

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    This is so cool. Too bad I can't make anything cool because I suck.
  8. ppowersteef

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    i thought it'll cost a load of time before they're all loaded, but looks like these forums will load spoilers if you open them, pure genius
  9. Ntbol

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    Nice builds!!
  10. Swanky

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    Neat projects. It's cool to see how much people have improved throughout each one.
  11. RajaDR

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    nice building u got there
  12. TheWolfMI

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    I gota work on new stuff to post to the next CC! If I got time during school anyway :\ Love all the stuff posted! The fact that Terraria inspires so many people to be creative both within and outside of the game to me says how frick'n awesome it is!
  13. ppowersteef

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    i've readen them all, they'll all amazing, can't pick a favorite because that'll end in another wall of images

    i forgot to close the spoilers, you'd no idea how long it took to scroll to the top
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  14. xxterminatorxx5

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    Some of these are impressive but some I don't even know why you included in the post. I see wooden square houses like this all the time when I visit other people's worlds.
  15. AyeAye12

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    Thanks for doing this Darth :D Great to know that the CC will survive, I'll try to enter some stuff when it reopens x3
  16. lol these are awesome, completely forgot that my old unfinished and now remastered sprites were in there
  17. -=+Seth+=-

    -=+Seth+=- Skeletron Prime

    I Dunno if this really counts as a creation, But i made a little thing that the Npc's are fighting, For the new update, How they can sit, Well i thought it would be cool to have them fight, So i made this, FIGHTING NPC'S!.png
  18. NinjaPenguinMime

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  19. Winter-Hooves

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    Glad to see the CC made it over here, I can't wait to have some art to contribute!
  20. darthmorf

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    You have to post that on @QuackersDelta 's profile, when they open requests for the new CC.
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