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Cross-class: combinations of classes for weapons, armors and accessories

Sandbox & RPG

I had an interesting idea: Cross-class means that you can use two different classes at the same time.

How it will work: Some armors, accessories and buffs can give benefits to both classes at the same time. For example: Melee and Magic cross-class armors will give benefits to both melee and magic, it will be more efficient if use for melee-magic weapons. Cross-class weapons will receive benefits from armors and accessories that are from one of the class. For example: melee-magic weapons will receive benefits from either melee or magic armor and/or accessories. A cross-class can have 3 classes at the same time. The original class will be the first class in the name of the cross-class. For example: melee-magic means that the weapon will look more like a melee weapon but can use mana for attacking, also melee buffs, armors and accessories will give more benefits than magic buffs, armors and accessories, they will also give a 100% benefits rather than the magic items only giving 50% of the benefits, this also applied on a third class if there is in a cross-class.

This idea would make the game more dynamic in terms of ways that the player can fight. That's it, hope for a good day on the forums Terrarian.
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Shady Glasses

I don't really see how this would make the game more dynamic. Since the classes aren't balanced properly, it would just make some weapons useless in some classes and any ranged weapon with other buffs really strong or weak in comparison to the regular ones. Same for armor, the ones with high defense would be the best for all classes, otherwise they'd be useless in comparison.
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