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Watching and waiting
Killed my faith
In this crusade
Still masquerading
As the lie
That we're creating
Blinding lights
Leave me in silence
Hopes and dreams
Taken with violence
Right and wrong
Have made alliance
Now I will
Turn in defiance
Name: Yani
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Species: Bio Spark
Appearance: Same as always with the Kirby OCs, I’m going to just list any changes from the base design, which, also as always, is just the friendly version from Star Allies. (And if you don’t know what that looks like, go to the kirby wiki (WiKirby, not the fandom site), go to the Bio Spark page, and look at the infobox. It’s right there.)
Color Changes: The cloak (and armor too I guess? The screenshot on the wiki page (near the bottom) looks like armor at least) is closer to black, with the plume being full black. The gold thing is a steel color instead.
The gloves and boots are also black.
Other Changes: Yeah so screw the headband with that star symbol on it
Personality: Mysterious, and merciless most of the time. He seems to know (and want something from) Aden, and won’t go easy on anyone that gets in his way.
Equipment: A few throwing knives (which return after being thrown, and can be resummoned if destroyed), and a katana.
Abilities: Can switch between elemental modes just like Aden, and can summon dark lightning, which has the effect of causing anyone hit by it to quickly pass out without resistance.
Strengths: Good at noticing small details quickly.
Text Color: #614278
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