Pixel Art Custom Emoticons

Which two NPCs should receive full set of emoticons next? (Please choose one male and one female)

  • Painter

  • Dye Trader

  • Demolitionist

  • Arms Dealer

  • Party Girl

  • Stylist

  • Angler

  • Goblin Tinkerer

  • Witch Doctor

  • Clothier

  • Mechanic

  • Truffle

  • Wizard

  • Steampunker

  • Cyborg

  • Santa Claus

  • Traveling Merchant

  • Pirate

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Could I have an emoji like my avatar i cannot post a spoiler or picture because my tablet sucks and I want it like this:sigh:also i cannot gif
Uploaded as an attachment, It won't change now:
Jestex, I realized that your Custom Emotions thread was open. Would it be alright if you make a Kirby Emote? It should be easy enough, considering Kirby is only a pink puffball. Just in case if you need it, here is a reference picture.

Thanks in advance!
Can you please make an emote of my character in my profile picture?


Sorry for not putting it in before, my mistake.
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Can you please make an emote of my character in my profile picture?
This is starting to get old...
4. Do not just say "Make emoticon based on my avatar" because when I begin to sprite your request you may have already changed your avatar. Instead please put image of your avatar into your post. IF IT'S A LARGE ONE PUT IT IN A SPOILER
Hey @Jestex, you think you could make this rule stand out a bit more?
Can I have Custom Emotes please :passionate: :joy: :nursepassionate: :merchantpassionate: :dryadpassionate:
EDIT: Just pigron emotes, nothing special.
EDIT 2: also they cannot be from Imagur or devinart. Please ;)
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Now need to change my avatar and add my emote and Gotcha!'s emote and we are done on the popular member emoticon,if you don't miss Baconfry and SzGamer227.
Well, if you have time, I would greatly appreciate if you could make my Character with the regular :)stationary emote face. If you have extra time and would like to put in the effort, could you create the animated ;) face instead?


My current avatar is another reference point if you need it. I do not plan on changing it anytime soon.
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