Texture Pack danrevic's Sprite/Texture Replacements

Very cool, I especially liked the Alternate Shark-like Baby Shark, fits way more the game's art style than the original.
And yeah, I'm also not the biggest fan of those googly eyes.
Wow, yeah, those armor resprites are great. Just wondering though, would you be able to make a version of the Molten Armor resprite that's compatible with tML? Because 1.3.5 and 1.4 have drastically different chestplate sprite sheets.
Can someone here who knows how to make terraria character vanity sets please try for a meme to make a toast head for a skin I'd love to see that for a meme
Any chance to you make a tModLoader version of this?
I really love how look the armors with these textures, and i want play with it in my modded playthrough!

Nice job <3
i love the molten armor! especially searing, before the molten armor looked.. awkward it looks really cool now!
For some reason the Dreadnautilus thingy isnt working for me, I have the zip file opened in my resource pack folder and the texture pack is activated in terraria, it still shows the normal bats however
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