Dark Souls Vanity Pack

I feel it would be important to mention that the Faraam chestplate clips through shields, so maybe that could be something to look at for a future update/bugfix.
Sorry for the lack of updates lately, life changed QUITE a bit for me recently. I turned 18, got a full time job, And have been helping fix up a relatives house. I have a LOT less free time than i used to. And to be blunt, my lazy self just doesn't feel like working on it when free time does come up. I apologize, but its just how things have turned out i guess. I dont think ill drop this project completely, though.
That's totally cool bro. I actually encourage you to focus on your real life. I'd totally understand if this project was dropped completely. Also thank you so much for your time and dedication to this mod, it's been truly awesome. Well, idk why I'm the first to respond but good luck in your real life and may the flames guide thee.
Hello, i recently became a Dark Souls player, and i really like your mod, it's a great add-on, i hope you can continue it.
Thanks in advance.

Leonhard´s Garb and pants + Obsidian Hat dyed with Reflective Metal goes kinda hard.

Oh and also, what vanity sets are you planning to release in the near future? I very much like this mod and would appreciate seeing more from you soon. ^^
Hey this mod looks fantastic me and my friends trying to install but then we realized it was on a different version of tmoder we are playing calamity 2.0 :( any chance you can update it with the newer version :D !
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