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WIP darthmorf's small suggestions/additions

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Well, recently I've found a lot of small things that I think should be changed. None of them are thread worthy. This will always be a W.I.P as I will constantly update it with new things that I think of. Enjoy! Any sprites are appreciated.


There are quite a few blocks that don't have matching walls to go with them, or incomplete parts of sets, etc. If you think of any more, please say!

First of all, I have recently been turning my floating island base into a massive floating airship. I have built massive engines on the back, and was thinking: 'I know! Rain cloud walls will look just like smoke!'
I went to craft it, but found that they don't exist! This surprised me, as cloud walls are a thing! So basically: make rain cloud walls!
  • Crafted with one rain cloud block at a workbench. Makes 4.
  • Rain cloud block is craftable with 4x rain cloud walls.
Hellstone bricks also need a wall. (Thanks @ppowersteef for the suggestion) Added in!
  • Crafted with one Hellstone brick at a workbench. Makes 4.
  • Hellstone brick is craftable with 4x Hellstone brick walls.

Don't forget snow walls! They already exist, but aren't craftable. (Thanks @DestroyerArcher !)
  • Crafted with one snow at a workbench. Makes 4.
  • snow is craftable with 4x snow walls.

as well as ice walls! They already exist, but aren't craftable either. (Thanks @m31k !)
  • Crafted with one ice at a workbench. Makes 4.
  • ice is craftable with 4x ice walls.

Also, there is an ice furniture set, but no frozen platforms! (thanks @Baluffalo ) Added in 1.3.5!
  • Crafted with once ice block at an Ice machine. Makes 1
    (sprite my @Milt69466 )

And again,
honey blocks have a furniture set, but no walls! Thanks @plantszaza
  • Crafted with one honey block at a workbench. Makes 4.
  • Honey blocks now crafted with 4 honey walls.
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Secondly, The mining set. By the time you obtain it, it's low defense makes it not very useful. I propose to make the drop chance higher.

Mining Shirt:

Current drop rate: 2.4% - New drop rate 10%

Mining Pants:

Current drop rate: 2.4% - New drop rate 10%

I am also going to suggest that undead miners also have a chance to drop the mining helmet at a 5% chance.
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Next, we have a buff. This stuff:
. Pearlwood. It is not available until hardmode, yet the stuff it makes is absolutely terrible. I propose to bring it up to the level it's equal to:

Current Defense: 2 - New defense: 6
Current Defense: 3 - New defense: 8
Current Defense: 2 - New defense: 7
Set bonus: +1 Defense - New set bonus: extra life regen while in the hallow (+1 hp per second)

Current damage: 11 - New damage: 34 (Every other swing fires a small rainbow projectile that does 10 damage)
Current damage: 9 - New damage: 25 (All arrows are converted into rainbows, which ark towards the player's cursor when fired, piercing 5 times and disappearing if a block is hit. Damage is not altered)

This brings pearlwood items up to a hardmode level, with defense and damage roughly equivalent to molten armour, but with universal class set bonuses, that are designed to help new hardmode players survive in the hallow.

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These. They are a rare drop, but are only craftable in the console version. So,
  • Depth meter now craftable with 10 iron/lead bars, and 1 glass at a table + chair. (Thanks @Starscream )
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Another fairly small change.
Glow sticks. You throw them, and then after a while they pop off into the item. I suggest that instead, they last forever, but when you hover over them, their sprite appears next to the cursor, and you can right click to pick them up. Sticky glow sticks will work the same.

Also, I would like the sticky glow stick sprite to change, so that the white bit in the middle is also blue. This would allow distinction for the next part;

3 glow sticks + one gem of any colour makes a coloured glow stick.
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So, what do you thing so far? Any points or suggestions?
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