1. DeathX

    DeathX Terrarian

    Welcome to my build compendium. Here I will be posting all my future builds, as well as progress for some of my larger builds. Constructive criticism, as well as suggestions, are very much encouraged, as I often run out of creative ideas while building. I will try to make world downloads and schematics for all my builds available at some point.



    I am mostly done with the two larger islands, but at some point, I would like to rework them as I'm not 100% happy with how they turned out. Still missing the large centre building and some parts of the cave systems.

    Hanging Garden

    Ruins & Pillars

    Elevated Ruins

    Overgrown Caverns

    Island Mines

    Underground Tree

    Small Tree Inbetween Houses

    Large Curved Tree

    Large Tree

    Steampunk Colony

    Druid Colony

    Thank you for reading and hope you like my builds!

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  2. RageGaze

    RageGaze Terrarian

    I love the ruins section especially i don't really have any dislikes sorry can't be of any use.
  3. oko

    oko Terrarian

    I love the ruins.
    The city under the tree should be more chaotic. It would make more sense because trees grow wild too.

    Great idea with the ships. The city on he left needs more logic on the inside... Lol. What i mean is that its a large city but there are no toilets or kitchens.
    I hope you ll poste an update.

    Srry for my English.
  4. reggie regum

    reggie regum Skeletron

    good job, maybe u should make the ruin more "ruined"