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Resolved Definitely normal lag issues.


Not Normal
Im pretty new to terraria (started 3 days ago)
And I got moonlord and after that I started having some lag issure only for my main character.
When I create a new one everything is completely fine.
This is maybe some major bug or maybe my character has too much items ? (I have 500 platinum coins)
P.s. Frame Skip is on


It might be because of frame skip I have like 1384734 platinum and full inventory space in vault, inventory and pig bank And no lag

and how did u beat it in 3 days and get 500 platinum coins i got My coins from boss and event farm


When I turn it off everything goes slow motion so probably not frame skip it kinda helps.

I farm moon lords 25 hours a day


Sorry I was updating my computer
On is the best option but a bit choppy
subtle and off is completly time freeze

Its probably something to do with the character but I dont what

also I noticed that the light of my armor is barely catching up with my character so lighting problems ?


no I have solar flare armor so no effects
it was just the character

The lighting up is fixed by the lighting option but still its laggy only on my chracter

I found a solution
the demon is the arkahalis wings
it makes me lag for some reason
thanks for everyones help !
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