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(revamped version of my old suggestion of old forums)

You know, we have very few summons compared to the other classes, and it hurts that Summoning is by far the hardest class to do well, anything! Just to start and by the end, it's nearly impossible unless you stashed millions of traps somewhere! but what if you were doing just a Summon run with only one world...

Well, off myself of that and get back to topic my friendlies!

Slime staff : 20 Wood, 5 Fallen Stars, 20 gel, and 5 iron/lead bars at an anvil

First: The Stick!
This item is made in prehard mode.
Made with 10 Hellstone Bars, 5 Obsidian, and 10 Bones at Anvil.
The Stick is what you'd call a Control Scepter of the like, it allows the further control of your minions, pointing where to go and start attacking! Uses 5 mana per use. After you have "selected" an enemy to attack, they will attack just that or stick to that spot and attack and return to that spot. The Stick.png
Description: Leaders alike! No truth.

Second: Compliance Smasher Chip
This is a HardMode Summon.
Made with 10 Hallowed Bars, 10 Souls of Fright, 1 Turtle Scale at an Orichcalcum/Mythril Anvil
Summons a Mechanical Tortoise to fight for you! It's faster then the other Tortoise but less damage, does 45 Summon damage on slamming and 25 contact summon damage. 10 mana per summon.
Compliance Chip.png
Description: Tort-OS Booted 100%

Third: Pengu Sack
This is a Prehard mode Summon.
Made with 10 Vertebrae/Rotten Chunks, 2 Dynamite, 10 Ice, and 15 Crimtane/Demonite Bars at an Anvil.
Summons... an evil penguin with a sack on it's back. It will throw itself at enemies and explode for 15 summon damage, but returns back to you after each explosion. 10 mana per summon.
http://i.imgur.com/nuzqIO9.jpg made by @Aley The Ale Fairy
Description: Dood....

Fourth: Unexplained Bone
Hard Mode Summon.
20 Rotten Chunks, 10 Cursed Flames, 10 Souls of Might, and 10 Hallowed Bars at Orichalcum/Mythril Anvil.
Summons a Eater of variable Sizes that will shoot cursed fire balls at the enemy for 30 summon damage, shoots similar to Imp but a wee faster.
Description: Eat what?
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View attachment 36588 View attachment 36589 by @The Chocolate Bar Gaming

Fifth: Rosethorn Staff
Hardmode Summon.
20 Stingers, 5 Souls of Sight and Fright, 10 Hallowed Bars at Orichalcum/Mythril Anvil.
Summons a Hornet that is similar appearance to Moss Hornet but with a rose on it's head and more red. Shoots at fast ish rate stingers that have a chance to poison/venom at 27 Summon damage. 10 mana per summon.
Description: Fly like a Butterfly..
View attachment 2541 Made by @Baconfry

Sixth: Obnoxious Fossil
Prehard mode Summon.
Old Fossil, 10 Gold/Platinum Bars, 10 Crimtane/Demonite Bars at an Anvil.
Summons... A mini t-rex with wings called a RexaDactyl. Holy gibbly goobers. Does 15 summon damage by ramming into the enemy. 10 mana per summon.

Now to obtain the Old Fossil is extractinating. 1/100 chance. Description: It's an old rock.

Seventh: Goob Armor
Prehard mode Armor.
10/15/10 Iron/Lead Bars, 20 gel (per piece), 2 Fallen Stars (per armor) at an Anvil.
Early Summon armor, 5 Defense in total, Set bonus: 10% minion damage and 1 minion count.
Description: Slimy but slick. Looks like a blue iron/lead armor with blue goop dripping out it. Helm will have gel like "hair" sprouting, chest is similar to iron but no shoulder/arm and bits of gel dripping, legs are same as iron but dripping.

Eighth: Infernal Armor
Prehard mode Armor.
12/14/12 Hellstone Bars at an Anvil.
Summon Armor at Hellstone level with 20 defense in total, +25% Minion damage, +2 count, 10% chance minions will Debuff "On Fire!"
Helm: Is pair of Horns similar to the Demons, hair if any will show. Chest: similar to molten but shoulder pads are made of onyx black cloth, center is black, and rest is lava glowing. Legs: only feet, similar to chest. Particle effect remains same as Molten.
View attachment 3995 View attachment 3994 View attachment 3996 Made by @TeshloGaming .

Ninth: Bloodveld Tongue
Prehard mode Summon.
20 tissue samples, 15 crimtane bars, 5 ruby at an anvil.
Summons a pink eyeless monster that uses its tongue to whip at enemies for 16 damage every second (not good with figuring use time..), 15% chance to slow enemy down.
Description: Paralyzing!
Reference: http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140123232807/2007scape/images/f/f9/Bloodveld.png , Runescape. IF anything, make it a naked mole rat just in case of potential copyrighting, and a Poke'mon reference, Likitung.

What Item looks like description (For Spriters to gain an idea if you wish to draw)
The Stick is.. sprited by me.. Uhh.. I'm not that good.
Compliance Smasher (chip) donezo by me
Pengu Sack sprited.
Unexplained Bone sprited.
Rosethorn already sprited.
Obnoxious Fossil looks like a half burnt stone with a feather and a claw (talon) sticking out of it.
Bloodveld Tongue looks like a wound up like a whip tongue with a blood at the end of it.
Armors have their description in their respect section.
Tas all for now! would appreciate Sprites if someone can. I have no skills in it.[/spoiler]
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Ooh.. I like it, if you can please! IF you can't, I'll still put it up and credit. :D
I like how for the horns it has the standard hair, but in truth it's the placement for your characters hair. xD
Yeah I took the hair template from the terraria folders but it was white, and with white horns it was hard to tell hair from horn. Oh, and I forgot, +1 for your ideas
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Yup, that'll do for now. :D
If someone does it better, I'll still keep yours up, who knows really. Looks pretty good to me anyway. :D
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