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Hey all. So, as you may or may not have noticed, I've closed requests. This is likely to be permanent. I just don't enjoy spriting like I used to. I don't find the limitations of spriting to be fun anymore. It's just frustrating to not be able to make tiny details as well as I can in digital drawings. I may make more sprites in the future for myself, but I just hate continually giving people sprites that I feel are sub-par.
For those of you who are new here, lemme explain how this place works.
You can request pretty much anything from me and I'll make a sprite of it. Say you're making a suggestion, and you want some sprites for it, but lack the ability to make them yourself, you could come to me and I'll make 'em for you. Or maybe you want a new avatar, perhaps a pixelized version of your favorite character or something. I can do that as well! (to a certain extent)

Now, before you start requesting, there are a few rules I have for requests.
1. Nothing that goes against the regular forum rules. I shouldn't have to restate those.
2. Try to be as descriptive as you can when requesting, the more info, the better.
3. Reference pictures are extremely helpful and highly recommended.
4. You can only request one thing at a time, (but if I know you well enough I may make an exception).

5. When I make a sprite for someone, it becomes their's and they can do whatever they want with it as long as I am credited for it's creation.
6. I usually cut off requests once I build up a list of about 9-12. When that happens, requests go on hold until I finish the list, then they resume as normal.
7. I will accept any and all criticism as long as it's constructive. Don't just say I suck, tell me why I suck, I want to improve, and if everyone is either a yes man or just won't tell me what needs improving, I'll never get better. (That said, I'm not opposed to praise :p)
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Melee Weapons
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Ranged Weapons
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Magic Weapons
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Oversized Weapons
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Non-terraria sprites/Discord Emotes
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Old Sprites
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Yay, requests!
More amazing works for your magnificent collection!

okay, um... Can you do a red wisp-wolf?
Heh, sorry... What I mean is, not like the floaty-head kind.
Like that flaming, glowing Paladin up there, but as a wolf.
I don't think that makes it better...
The avatar pic or the wispaladin in the creatures section?

Alright, I'll do my best. If you could possibly find a bigger picture, the final product might turn out better.

Can I have a mechinical red-devil with a saddle on its back
Starting off big are we? Alright, I can't promise it'll look good, but I'll certainly try.

The Ice Cube

Eater of Worlds
Can you add birthday themed stuff to avatar/ armor you've made me? I'm gonna use that on my birthday.

Even though my birthday is on November.


(This one ^^)
Can you add birthday themed stuff to avatar/ armor you've made me? I'm gonna use that on my birthday.

Even though my birthday is on November.


(This one ^^)
Sure thing.

Is my narwhal still in progress? I requested it on the last thread before it was locked.View attachment 20014
Sorry, Just after you requested the narwhal last time, I was hired for the mod, and I completely forgot about it. I'll try and do it this time.

Could you do an avatar for me? I need a frost paladin, if you could. :)
Ooo, another paladin. Sounds fun.
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