Pixel Art Derpo's Magnificent Sprites

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For armor, 6 is fine. 15 and 16 are being used personally. And 26 is actually just slightly modified colors of things already in game, and is in personal use. Though I don't have sprite sheets for any of them, so if you want to use them, you'll have to make those yourself.

For melee, 4 is in personal use, but the others you asked about are fine.

For ranged, 21 and 26 are in personal use, but all the others you asked about are fine.

And the hammer should be fine to use as well.

If you need, I can provide individual sprites for all the ones I've said are okay, and names for the few that have them if you want that as well. As for credit, a mention in the tooltips will do.

ok thank you, and yeah, i would like the names and individual files, thanks for offering ^^
Nice stolen sprites
Please do not accuse members of stealing art publicly. If you geniunely beleive there is plagarism going on, please report the post with your evidence.
Excuse the harsh language but can you please not.
Please leave the telling off of other members to staff - if you see something like this go ahead and report it so we can deal with it for you :)
These are so good! Can you make me a black suit of knight armor with a helmet like this:
You'd have to make sprite sheets for each piece of the set and then either replace one of the in-game sets like a texture pack, or learn how to code and mod it in. Either way, it'd be a really time-consuming process.
Oh that sucks for me then- Welp thanks for the response.
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