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Welcome to the forum page for the Dragon Ball Terraria mod!
We are hoping to have many iconic bosses, techniques and transformations from the anime.


1.0.9 is currently available on the mod browser for 1.4
Implemented Mechanics
Ki - A new custom energy system that all Ki based weapons use, charged using a hotkey or various items, fit with its own bar.


Chargable beam weapons - Unique beam weapons that can be charged to deal even more damage.

Transformations - Massive boosts to damage and speed with obvious drawbacks. Current transformations include multiple stages of Kaioken and Super Saiyans.

A Fully custom 360° Flight system - Use your ki to fly in all directions, and charge while flying to boost your speed even more.


The Dragon balls - The 7 dragon balls that can be collected from all around the world through the use of multiple tiers of dragon radars, collecting all 7 lets you make a powerful wish.



Cross-Mod Compatibility - Transformations effect damage types from other mods, current list of compatible mods is below, you can request to have your damage type become compatible by private messaging me on discord or tcf.

Thorium - Radiant and Symphonic damage.
Tremor - Alchemical damage.
Enigma - Mystic damage.
Unusacies's Battle Rods - Fishing Damage.
Expanded Sentries - Sentry Damage.

1. Added LSSJ3
2. Added working mastery for LSSJ and God or higher

1. Added Super Saiyan Blue
2. Added Super Saiyan Rose
3. Removed Infinite Ki Drain
4. Crafting crystal drop rate increased to 85%
5. Majin Slime spawn rate up from 5% to 15%
6. Fixed reforging showing an infinite cost
7. Fixed ki beacons not properly working but they are still janky
8. Fixed kaioken 3x not dropping from eater of worlds

1. Allowed the use of Ascended Super Saiyan and Ultra Super Saiyan in unlocking Super Saiyan 2.
2. Adjusted Instant Transmission map teleportation to be a bit more forgiving.
3. New sprites for beams and changed hitboxes a bit.
4. Increased drop rate of Burning Energy Amulet and Demonic Soul's.
5. Adjusted Massive Blast Weapons, Spirit Bomb and Super Spirit Bomb now charge slower but deal higher damage, while Supernova and Holy Wrath charge faster but deal lower damage.
6. The Genetic Reroll wish now can't give you the same trait as before.
7. Cheating dragon balls no longer deletes them from your inventory.
8. You can no longer place dragon balls in the world.
9. The world places them every time one is broken, so the world always has 7.
10. When you’re holding a [x-star] dragon ball, the dragon radar will only show you the ones you’re not holding already.
11. When you collect all 7 dragon balls (in your inventory) instead of placing them in the world, just right click one of them.
12. You can now close the menu by right clicking any of the dragon balls again.
13. Dragon balls no longer spawn in the lihzahrd temple or the dungeon.
14. Fixed bug where your beam charge balls lingered after dying.
15. Fixed bug where you couldn't use Massive Blast type weapons more than once.
16. Fixed bug where you could go over 100% Mastery
17. Fixed bug where Katchin Scale's didn't drop in Expert Mode.
18. Fixed bug where the Baldur Essentia and Buldarium Sigmite caused massive lag when charging.
19. Fixed bug where you charged Ki while Flying, allowing for practically infinite flight.
20. Fixed bug where Holy Wrath did an absurd amount of damage.

1. Fixed bug where Dragon Balls wouldn't generate.
2. Fixed bug where the dragon radars spawned Dragon Balls + didn't work.
3. Fixed bug where wishing didn't remove the Dragon Balls.

1. Added the Dragon Balls.
2. Added Grandpa Gohan's House.
3. Added Instant Transmission
4. Added Saiyan Scout Armor and Elite Saiyan Armor.
5. Added Dragon Radar MK1, Dragon Radar MK2 and Dragon Radar MK3.
6. Added Refined Metal, Katchin Scale, I.T. Tome Vol 1, I.T. Tome Vol 2, I.T. Tome Vol 3, Ki Beacon and Energy Shot.
7. Beams now work by charging with right click and firing with left click. You can stop charging at any time and you will slowly lose charge levels.
8. Beams are now not multi-segmented, making them much more optimized and making them sync better.
9. Beams rebalanced to adjust to new systems.
10. Mastery is now listed as a percent instead of a normal number.
11. Mastery is now obtained through taking damage while in the form, using ki attacks while in the form and just being in the form.
12. Ambient form mastery speed has been drastically reduced.
13. Buffed Turtle Hermit Armor, Saiyan Armor and Radiant Armor.
14. Kaioken level/size scaling reimplemented.
15. Kaioken nerfed and buffed at the same time. 10% damage per Kaioken level. -5% defense per Kaioken level. Health drain drastically reduced.
16a. Changed when all Kaioken Kaioken levels are obtained.
16b. Forms rebalanced for the viability of Kaioken and generally nerfed. Minor defense boosts per form level.
17. Transformation speed bonuses now affect jump speed and vertical speeds (flying down is still capped)
18. The ki bar color now changes depending on Genetics.
19. Spirit Bomb and Super Spirit Bomb now fire relative to the player, instead of the cursor.
20. Renamed Blighted Fang to Blood Thief and made it Tier 3. It is also now obtained from the Dryad instead of the Arms Dealer after Skeletron is dead.
21. Gravity relative to things like water and space are now accounted for during flight (should fix weird floating).
22. Fixed bug where you could get ssj3 before golem.
23. Fixed various issues relating to Supernova and Holy Wrath.
24. Added Metamoran Sash.

1. Added a Configuration option to make Charging a toggle.
2. Added Black Diamond Shell, Buldarium Sigmite, Burning Energy Amulet, Ice Energy Talisman, Pure Energy Circlet and Bloodstained Bandana.
3. Added Black Fusion Armor
4. Flight now goes through platforms.
5. Many new quick transforms, like going from Super Saiyan 3 to Super Saiyan God, etc.
6. You can now step down a form by pressing Charge and Power Down at the same time.
7. New sprites for various Consumables and Ki Potions.
8. Nerfed Demon Armor to be post-mechanical bosses.
9. Added visual effects for the Battle Kit and Worn Gloves.
10. Added a visual indication for flavor texts.
11. Buffed flight time and vertical speed of the Nimbus
12. Fixed flickering with the Ki Diffuser.
13. The Charging Aura now disappears when you die or desync.
14. Fixed Blinding Blade's homing.
15. Fixed bug where you would sometime crash when reforging.
16. Fixed Ki Diffuser giving buffs forever and such.
17. Fixed bug where Destructo Disk Assault's mini disks did no damage.
18. Fixed many issues where things wouldn't sync in multiplayer.
19. Fixed crash issue with Dual Wielding.
20. Fixed Destructo Disk being really loud.
21. Fixed Dragon Crystal Infuser's rarity and value.
22. Fixed issue where the Dryad's summoning items had no value.
23. Added Time Ring and Potara Earrings.

1. Drastically lowered the sounds of all Ki Attacks.
2. Earthen Shard's now drop anywhere at a low chance.
3. Buffed Ki Beam.
4. The first kill of any boss now drops Ki Crystal's depending on the boss.
5. Fixed bug where certain Accessories made your charge limits infinite.
6. Fixed Legendary Trait not applying its x2 max Ki.
7. Fixed debug text displaying when using the Radiant Glider
8. Fixed various issues where bosses wouldn't drop their items at all or drop both at a time.

1. New sprites for the Scouters and the Radiant Glider
2. New sprite for the Charging Aura.
3. Nerfed Scattershot, Farmers Shotgun.
4. Buffed Big Bang Attack, Trap Shooter
5. Buffed all Beam attacks.
6. Increased the time before all Massive Blast type weapons despawn.
7. Added a bit of flavor text to Scrap Metal
8. The Flight dust now changes according to your transformation.
9. Fixed bug where your Ki max would be broken from various items.
10. Fixed alot of sounds playing on the serverside, should fix some crashes and sound spam in multiplayer.
11. Running out of ki now also disables Kaioken Technique#Super Kaioken|Super Kaioken.
12. The Greater Ki Fragment and Master Ki Fragment's now drop from the correct bosses in expert.
13. Fixed bug where the Spiritual Emblem didn't drop in Normal Mode.

1. Fixed major bug where any Accessories that decreased Ki max would make your ki go negative.
2. Fixed bug where Kaioken gave no bonuses to any damage types except Ki.
3. Adjusted Pure Ki Crystal's rarity.

1. Added flavor text to all the Ki Crystals.
2. New sounds for Energy Wave, Final Flash and Special Beam Cannon.
3. All Super Saiyan damage multipliers have been reduced by 50% for non-Ki damage.
4. Drastically increased the homing range of the Radiant Armor and Luminous Sectum's projectiles.
5. Increased the drop rate of Stable Ki Crystal's.
6. Fixed bug where Kaio Crystal worked in the vanity slot.
7. Fixed bug where Kaio Crystal worked on Super Saiyan 3's health drain.
8. Fixed bug where your aura was misaligned while Flight|Flying downwards.
9. Fixed bug where Super Saiyan 3's health drain still drained below 30% Ki.
10. Fixed bug where the MRE lowered your health by 25.
11. Fixed bug where Radiant Ki Scroll didn't need the Ancient Manipulator.

1. Flight now shows your aura and rotates it accordingly.
2. The Nurse now fully heals your ki.
3. Adjusted rarities for Amber Infuser and Amethyst Infuser
4. Slightly changed the look of the Ki bar.
5. Added the +4 break range to Radiant Pickaxe and Radiant Hamaxe
6. Completely reworked Spirit Bomb and Super Spirit Bomb.
7. Unlocking a transformation now disables all forms so it doesn't get auto disabled.
8. Your ki bar now doesn't flicker due to ki regen.
9. Fixed bug where the Kaio Crystal did nothing.
10. Fixed bug where Ki Infusers applied to all damage types, not just Ki.

1. Added Luminous Sectum
2. Added Ki Infusers
3. Super Saiyan 3 now drains health when below 30% Ki.
4. Added flavor text to Super Saiyan God.
5. Lowered the defense of Saiyan Armor and Turtle Hermit Armor
6. New sprite for Spiritual Emblem
7. Fixed bug where you would slowly move forward when using any of the Crystallites.
8. Fixed bug where you couldn't get a trait.
9. Fixed a few clipping issues on some projectiles.
10. Fixed a bug where the spawned projectiles in the Radiant Armor's set bonus did nothing.
11. Fixed bug where Majin Nucleus didn't actually reduce Ki max by 1500.
12. Added cross-mod support for Expanded Sentries.
13. Added Canadian Demon Armor
14. Added MRE

1. Added Imperium Crystallite, Influunt Crystallite and Aspera Crystallite.
2. Added Kaio Crystal and Baldur Essentia.
3. Completely changed the unlock conditions of Super Saiyan 1, Super Saiyan 2, Legendary Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 3.
4. Increased the drop rates of Calm Ki Crystal, Prideful Ki Crystal, Angerful Ki Crystal and Pure Ki Crystal.
5. Increased the drop rates of Astral Essentia and Soul of Entity.
6. Demonic Soul now drops from Demons.
7. Lowered crafting prices of Destructo Disk, Double Sunday, Energy Blast Barrage, Masenko, Energy Wave Volley, Galick Gun, Hellzone Grenade, Kamehameha,
Big Bang Attack, Scattershot, Special Beam Cannon, Super Kamehameha, Trap Shooter, Destructo Disk Assault, Final Flash and Super Energy Barrage.
8. Supernova and Kamehameha x10 now use Demonic Souls to craft.
9. Changed name of Wide-lens scouter to Yellow Scouter.
10. Satanic Cloth now takes 2 Demonic Soul's instead of 3.
11. Fixed bug where you couldn't get Super Saiyan 3
12. Fixed bug where any charge limit increasing items would max your max charges infinite.

1. Actually Fixed Super kaioken
2. Fixed bug where Adamantite Visor gave more ki damage than intended.
3. Fixed bug where you couldn't die.
4. Fixed bug where the zenkai cooldown didn't effect anything.

1. Changed Super Saiyan 3 to be obtained at Golem instead of the Lunatic Cultist.
2. Buffed drop amount of Soul of Entity, Demonic Soul, Astral Essentia and Pure Ki Crystal.
3. Stable Ki Crystal now drops in the Forest, Desert and Snow biomes.
4. Changed Ki Chip's tooltip to properly say ki charge rate instead of ki regen.
5. Super Saiyan 3's health drain now only applies once you are below 30% health.
6. Fixed bug where Super Kaioken wouldn't work
7. Fixed bug where Super Saiyan 3 didn't require you to be in Super Saiyan 2 to achieve.
8. Fixed bug where your Transformation Menu selection wouldn't save.
9. Fixed bug where the Super Saiyan God spirit wouldn't drop.
10. Fixed bug where the Z-Table and Kai Table wouldn't drop when broken.

1. New Sprites for all the Test Items
2. Slightly changed the look of the dust while Flight|Flying
3. Recipes crafted at the Z-Table can now also be crafted at the Kai Table
4. Fixed bugs where Legendary Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan God couldn't be transformed into.
5. Fixed bug where transforming would permanently change your eye color.

1. Added Bukuujutsu Guide Vol 2 and Bukuujutsu Guide Vol 3
2. Added Rage
3. Added Kai Table
4. Added Baldur Essentia, Earthen Arcanium, Ki Chip, Zenkai Charm and Majin Nucleus
5. Added Ancient Legend Necklace and Ancient Legend Waistcape
6. Added Prodigy Trait
7. Added the Majin Slime
8. Reduced the rate at which ki charge rate increases with the Earthen Scarab
9. Halved the ki drain of all transformations
10. Changed many recipes to use the new Kai Table
11. New sprites for Earthen Shard, Radiant Totem, Earthen Scarab, Earthen Sigil and all the Scouters.
12. Fixed a frame issue with Supernova
13. Fixed a bug where Flight Ki usage reductions did nothing
14. Fixed multiple cases where you could stack multiple forms
15. Fixed bug where your hair was hidden with the Mythril Glasses


To clear up some air, 1.1 is pretty much a new mod. And going forward various systems that were left are still being rebuilt to a sensical manner, this will allow future updates or additions to simply slot in or add in without systems needing a rework to accommodate that feature.

In addition the mod has been delayed due to the huge changes in 1.4 - while the current state is being ported slowly there are areas that have had to be completely reworked to work on 1.4, after a testing period I may reconsider the completion percentage.
There were patreons left unfulfilled before the handover and even though I wasn't the one paid for it, I have started doing some of them bit by bit... While not 100% complete various paid items are there and before launch I will be doing something in an attempt to protect the patreon data.

As most of you should know, this is an ambitious mod. This is one of the bigger updates that will be coming.

Ki changes - Previously the Ki class was a broken mess that affected all classes, now the Ki class is self contained, anything DBT related will only do Ki damage.

Genetics - Traits are always a thing of Dragon Ball, and DBT. We have currently got;
- Ancient - Trait that represents Cumber, if you don't know hes an enemy in Dragon Ball Heroes, forms for him include Evil Saiyan and an edge lord aura with shadow tail.
- Divine - Best Trait Trait that represents Goku Black, this trait has access to the same forms as Goku Black.
- Legendary - Trait that represents Broly, this is Super Broly not Z.
- Primal - Trait that represents GT Goku, forms include SSJ4 and you have an actual tail
- Prodigy - Trait that represents Vegeta, forms include SSJBE
- Traitless - Trait that represents Goku, forms include SSJBKK

Transformations - These still exist, theres a lot to get through, the main feature in this update isn't just the fact theres balanced forms, you actually have to unlock them.

Unlocks - Since it was mentioned, you have to do various tasks in order to unlock a transformation or a technique, there are no guides for this.

Reworked UI's - will post pictures eventually but there are things like the ki bar being new and representative of your trait - this includes an attack charge bar. The transformation menu has been recreated. And a skill menu has been added.

Crafting - Armors and Accessories etc still exist, but your weapons are all skills and you have to unlock them, farming crystals for an ability is a thing of the past.

Bosses - Currently there is a frieza ship and the great ape, but will have 1 or 2 more before release with more coming in the future.

Hair - There will be hairs that you can choose from on the start, this acts as a 'base' and each base has a variety of hairs for every form (where they at least have a representable change in Dragon Ball, God for example is Gokus natural hair so you will have your default terraria hair in that form)
First of the hair updates includes the ability to select the hair on character creation and it syncs up correctly in game
Abilities - Attacks and techniques from dragon ball will be in the game, and for attacks that existed in 1.0.9 they will have new sprites. These attacks are also subject to what trait you have.
After a lot of consideration I have two plans for cross mod support.

The first plan is to have an API to aid addon development for DBT, while some people probably can't wait, I do ask that you wait until this is finished to prevent compatibility issues when I start updating the mod.

The second plan is to pay for official DBT support. But logistics of this is still in discussion.

TrelloBanner.png InviteBanner.png FandomBanner.png

Copy this into your signature to show your support and appreciation for the mod.
Tyndareus - Coder
Lexi - Spriter
Fullnovaalchemist - Balancing, sounds and ideas.
Enigma - music
Consume - music
Skipping - Coder helped to get some skills going
NuovaPrime - Previous owner and the reason this mod exists
Kinggrinyov - Assisted with a few areas and helped port old beam logic
NeonshuNova - Created a majority of sprite animations for transformations. Will potentially be spriting post 1.1
WaywardSoul - Assisted with fixing some hairs and boss sheets. Will potentially be spriting post 1.1
Maxphog - Old spriter
Akira Toriyama
tModLoader Team
Various members for helping with previous members with code
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Screenshots or pictures would be nice. But sounds like a great mod anyway! Good luck.
This forum page is a placeholder, once released i will redo it and i will add pictures.
[doublepost=1475619173,1475618671][/doublepost]Also this is my first big mod, so everything is placeholder currently, cause the way im doing the Ki attacks will be as projectiles not constant beams, mainly cause i dont know how to do that yet but if anyone wants to help with code or sprites i will most likely accept it!
Sorry that i havent been updating or doing anything for the past few days, i dont have much time to work on this, but it should be ready soon!
Nice idea for a mod,i think. i would love to play this mod with some friends,rlly. cant wait for it release. good luck with this WIP!
Nice idea for a mod,i think. i would love to play this mod with some friends,rlly. cant wait for it release. good luck with this WIP!
I appreciate it! Im not very experienced with making mods but hopefully this lives up to your expectations!
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