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Basically, it goes like this:
You draw whatever the person above you said the next should draw.
Doesn't matter if done in paint, traditionally, if it's good or bad, whatever floats your boat~ Just do it! But please, don't make a 30 sec drawing for the only purpose of getting to request something, try to be creative with them and what you request. Thank you.
After drawing it, you say something the next person should draw.
Do not judge or criticize other peoples' drawings. This is supposed to be a a fun experience for every participant.
You can praise and like all you want, but people did not come here to be told what's wrong with their contribution.
EDIT: I have ZERO tolerance for anything that might affect the other participants. Don't start anything and just play the game.

Since I'm first, I won't be posting any picture.

Next person: Draw a manly unicorn!

Have fun people-persons!​
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manly unicorn.png

I want a gangster harpy

Pretty sure this counts.
*pointing to self* This guy here can infuriate anyone.

Draw a hilarious and stupid weeaboo eagle.
I use weeaboo as a derogatory term.
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