Working as Designed Drowning in air with Gills Potion

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On the Zenith seed (master hardcore), I'm digging a hellevator (mushroom/jungle biome). I dug down into a lot of honey and had to use a Gills Potion. I don't remember if I used it before I entered the honey or while already submerged, but once I dug through so that the honey drained, I was left on the rope running out of air! I waited until the breath meter reached zero and started taking damage. Removing the gills buff stopped the drowning effect.

Note the version If this has been fixed since then, my bad.
This is likely intentional, the Zenith/For the Worthy seeds is full of references to old (and annoying) Terraria mechanics, and this effect (reverse drowning when out of water) used to exist in old Terraria as well.
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