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is there any way I can change the button where I use the dual wield cause its hard when I use it with Terraria overhaul
Just a little bit OP... I wish something like this feature was in vanilla but only worked with only particular weapons like a sword and shield or small daggers and stuff that you would be able to dual wield in an rpg
I'm curious if you plan to move the toggle from being a console command to a much simpler button on a config menu. I realize your free time is extremely limited now, but maybe once all the big hotfix patches are out of the way.
For a second I thought this was an old bumped post, given I'd expect Yoraiz0r to have too little time to release this whilst working on 1.3.6. When I saw the OP date...I'm glad I don't scream very loud. Time to see what I can do with this and Calamity...
im actually using this with calamity
It seems after the latest Tmodloader update that the dual wielding mod by yoraizor still works but the command to disable the balance feature no longer works, has there been a change to how commands work, or has anyone else had this specific problem with this mod.
This doesn't work with a Rifle/Sniper scope equipped. The game prioritizes the right-click zoom of the scope over the right-click of your offhand weapon. Any way to fix this other than simply not using equipment with a zoom function?

Found a solution to this yet?

Also, Yoraiz0r, is there a fix to this, or at least some way to disable the sniper scope so we can still dual wield our guns? Thanks.
Hai Hai Yoraizor!
Would it be possible to Update this mod for the Public 1.3 Tmod Loader?
I know yall got a lot on your plate but if you can, that would be awesome!
If not, would it be possible to release the source code so somebody else could try to update it?

Thank you a bunch!
Can we please get an update to the latest tmodloader version for this? I absolutely love this mod and we all would greatly appreciate it! :D
If not, can you release the source code?
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