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Box art: (credits to goldmelonmaster, TobyJ, Cryx)

'An Excellent Boxart'
I am still working on this. I had a power supply failure, but all seems to be good now and on track for a possible release next weekend :)

Beta version coming incredibly soon (late tomorrow-Monday) :D

Limitations of the beta:
  • Animation will not be supported for the time being, we're still working on it.
  • Imgur upload will not be available. (I'm trying to work out how to comply with the rate-limiting, if anyone knows drop me a PM)
  • It will not be able to check for updates. (this will be fixed for the final release)
  • Mac users will be discriminated against again, unfortunately, I'll try and get a build for the final release.
  • Expect lots and lots of bugs :D
Note: To not apply a tint, there will be no "Tint" box anymore, you just have to slide the "Saturation" all the way to the left.

Edit (Monday):

Welp this is gonna take a while.

Edit 2:

Because I couldn't get Powershell 3 I wasn't able to release it today, however I will keep trying to compile on Windows. Y'all should use Linux.
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Emoticon Creator 2 Alpha download.

  • This is only meant as a demonstration build, it is nowhere near finished.
  • There will be many bugs, incomplete features, and things that clearly don't work at all
  • If you find bugs please post them on the thread here with the build number eg. Beta 1
  • If you actually want to make emotions please use Emoticon Creator 1.2
  • Emoticon creator 2 is an ongoing project and is in no way finished
  • @VOT has been recently busy and unable to work on the program, however he's now back on track.
  • Please suggest new features, as well as comment on the new tinting engine

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Changes Log for the weekend:
I've been busy trying to track down a horrendous bug in the program, where the sliders would not save. This has been fixed! :D
The eyes now work and are able to be tintable.
In addition to this, the program will no longer bug out on the 'blank' sprites.
Randomness has been fully added, as well as resetting the sprite back to default.
A double preview has been added, so you can see both the zoomed in version, and the small, 45x45 emotion version at the same time.
Windows compatibility has been worked on, and the program is now much less buggy in some operations.

I am really sorry that the program is taking so long, I have been very busy over the past few weeks. Trust me, it will be worth it at the end, with (animations), loading and saving sprites, a smaller, and a more efficient program, straight to Imgur upload (we're gonna limit each user to 5 uploads per day) and also a few more features (people, give me suggestions! :D)

I'm predicting a few more alphas this week, and a 1.0 release next weekend. (1.0 of a 2.0 program? It makes no sense, I know :))
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Sneak peak at animation!

We're working as hard as possible to try and deliver animation. Note, only a few sprites will be animated at launch, we'll publish more with updates :)
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Mm, how come I didn't notice this? Looks really great, cannot wait for the animations!
YASS! Finally version 2 is out. Thanks, guys, you're awesome.

I'm only waiting for the animated emotes.

After some really hard work at saving and changing colour of the basic sprite (essentially a rewrite of the storing the image code)


Next up, merging other items :)

Now to stop it from being extremely buggy, update the codebase to the latest stable, and work out ImageMagick on Windows :D

Edit: Oh and work out how to implement hatmasks on top of it...

Edit 2:

I think the tint code has been improved by only a matter of 2134523405423590243954905 times.
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Yes, still working on it. Jestex hasn't been able to draw any sprites (cough cough HOTS) and I have been busy over the last few days, so nothing got done :(

Animation will be completely finished before Christmas though :)

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