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Emoticon Creator

Discussion in 'Forum Help & Feedback' started by darthmorf, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. darthmorf

    darthmorf Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    In the summer of 2015, @Jestex and @VOT released the first version of their Emoticon Creator, a desktop app that allowed you to create your own custom emotes that looked like the ones made for the forums :)), :dryadgrin:, :merchantconfused:, :nursewink: etc). Sadly, with the passing of Jestex in 2017 and the disappearance of VOT, the project was all but abandoned, and the original Emoticon Creator source code was lost.

    However, with the blessing of the TCF staff, and as a close friend of Jestex, I have brought this project back to life, in the form of a web-app!

    It is developed in pure HTML5 and JavaScript, and should work on pretty much any platform that has a modern, up to date web browser. You can find the source code on Github here.




    If you use this program to create an emote, please credit the tool by linking to this thread or the site itself! Thanks!

    Note: This thread is the original one created by Jestex, which was transferred to me in order to look after it and keep download links up to date. As such, most of the early comments are in response to the original thread, which I have included in a spoiler below along with a download link to the old version.

    The wait is finally over! @Jestex and @VOT present you the Emoticon Creator 2.

    • With this program you will be able to create your own TCF styled emoticons at ease without having any experience in spriting.
    • In the future it will have all of the Terraria's hairstyles and beards (Currently has 20 hairstyles and 5 beards to choose from)
    • In the future it will have all of the Terraria's hats and helmets (Currently has +20 hats)
    • In the future it will have all of the Terraria's accessories that can be place on head and it will have custom ones too. (Currently has 10)

    Downloads (Latest 2.1.0)
    • You may not use the sprite files in any way apart from the intended use with the program.
    • You may use the sprites you make as emoticons, however do not claim that they are your own.
    • The program uses a GPLv3 licence.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2019
  2. Jestex

    Jestex Terrarian

    Emoticon Creator 2.0.1
    -Bug fixes

    Emoticon Creator 2.0
    -Program has been completely remade

    Emoticon Creator 1.21 (Mac):
    - Mac version is now available, thanks to Wineskin. Experimental, might eat your children.

    Emoticon Creator 1.21:
    - Includes 10 new sprites.

    Emoticon Creator
    - Fixed updater.
    - Emergency sprite fixes.

    Emoticon Creator 1.2:
    - Easier, revamped selection using buttons.
    - New sprites.
    - Automatic updater.

    Emoticon Creator 1.1:
    - User interface improvements.
    - 'Random' functionality
    - Ability to enlarge the preview of the sprite.

    Emoticon Creator 1.0:
    - Initial Release.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2015
  3. _Mish

    _Mish Skeletron Prime

    EPIC! I love it :) Glad to see that it has been finished!
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  4. Mystery

    Mystery The Mysterious One

    This is very nice. Thanks for the effort the both of you put into this!
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  5. jpeg

    jpeg Plantera

    github page doesn't work

  6. Everest

    Everest Mechanic

    Nice. Even though I'm not a fan of the language, something about the fact it was made in python seems pretty cool to me (I don't see many full-gui applications in PHP, Lua or Ruby).

    -- That is, not to mention the awesome images to use.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2015
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  7. VOT

    VOT Terrarian

    @Everest: Trust me Python is such a pain to build UI applications. I have since learnt the ways of C++ and QT.

    MAC VERSION IS AVAILABLE! Experimental, uses a compatibility layer.
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  8. Cryx

    Cryx Retinazer

    OMG, thank you so much, I made these little fellows using your masterpiece!:


    You my good sir, have made something awesome!

    (And yes, I am aware of the fact that some look the same, it's only because the bandana).
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  9. TobyJ

    TobyJ Terrarian

    I love this so much!
    Last edited: Jun 28, 2016
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  10. GoldM

    GoldM Golem

    Tax Collector Emotes!
    TaxCollectorAnger.png TaxCollectorBored.png TaxCollectorCool.png TaxCollectorDafuq.png TaxCollectorFunny.png TaxCollectorHappy.png TaxCollectorIf.png TaxCollectorIndifferent.png TaxCollectorJoy.png TaxCollectorSad.png
  11. GoldM

    GoldM Golem

    Arms Dealer Emotes!
    DealerHappy.png DealerIf.png DealerIndifferent.png DealerJoy.png DealerMad.png DealerSad.png DealerBored.png DealerCool.png DealerDafuq.png DealerFunny.png
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  12. Cubicality

    Cubicality The Destroyer

  13. zeskorion

    zeskorion Skeletron

    Nice tool matey. Though me emotes are usually too specialized, may use it to make bases
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  14. MinieK

    MinieK Golem

    Somehow I can't download it! It says the file does not exist (Dropbox, Mega). What should I do?
  15. VOT

    VOT Terrarian

    Links fixed, thanks for notifying us :p
    MinieK likes this.
  16. MinieK

    MinieK Golem

    Cause this is something I MUST download, for its awesomeness.
    Keep up the good work, guys! :) (y)
    Jestex likes this.
  17. Hax4Ever

    Hax4Ever Terrarian

    You may wanna rotate the hats a bit, they look like they are being worn by people in the hood or somethin' .
  18. MinieK

    MinieK Golem


    Whoa.. this is pretty cool! Just tried it out, and it works good!
    The only problem is, there are no animated emoticons - :sigh: ;) ;( :passionate: :D
    So you maybe could implement that in the future.

    Keep up the good work! [​IMG]

    EDIT: They are now in my signature! Just click the quote spoiler, and they'll be there, with credit.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 1, 2015
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  19. Shaedric

    Shaedric Golem

    sawa.png Swa.png Here are my emotes.
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  20. VOT

    VOT Terrarian

    Did you hate the fact that to use it you have to extract a billion files?
    Did you want to tinker with it and mess around with the source code, but you don't know Python?
    Did you, as a Mac user want to have an up-to-date version that works?



    Early mock-ups:
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