tModLoader Encumbrance - Inventory use burdens your movement

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    Note: Requires Mod Helpers

    Carrying items beyond your player's hotbar is now a burden to movement. Jumping, attacking, grappling, or mounting in such conditions may cause your items to randomly drop. Additionally, movement will become increasingly sluggish with more item slots in use. Other configurable effects can be applied. Carrying capacity can also be configured.

    Source available here. API also available.

    Available config fields are defined here. Config file: Documents/My Games/Terraria/ModLoader/Configs/Encumbrance Config.json


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    Keep in mind this mod is intended as a game mode component. The API now supports enabling and disabling, so you can bind the encumbrance effect (or its removal) to an accessory or something.
  4. The World Over Heaven

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    Is it possible to upgrade one's endurance or vitality in this mod, similar to Dark Souls?
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    I could add those functions to the API, then make it possible to build items that increase your carrying capacity.
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    That image reminds me of the Strong Back Perk in the Fallout series.
  7. Goblin Turncoat

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    What config options do I need to set to disable item dropping and only leave the effects on movement?
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    Set all 'DropOn' configs to 0, and let me know if that gives you the effect you're looking for.
  9. Goblin Turncoat

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    Seems to. Looking at it now it's pretty straightforward, I don't know what confused me before.

    I'm curious what these three options do, though:
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    DropAlwaysAtLeastOf = Adjusts least amount of items dropped. Not implemented, currently.
    DropOnDeath = Like lightweight mediumcore; indicates how much is dropped on death.
    DropPerDamageAmount = How much is dropped per amount of damage taken per hit. Works incorrectly at the moment. Will fix shortly.