Endless Ammo item (Combine Musket Pouch and Endless quiver)


There should be an endgame item that gives you infinite of any ammo type (except for the coin gun), or perhaps just the ones that use the ingredients below, lets say with a base damage of 12.

This would be crafted by combining the musket pouch, endless quiver, 99 seeds, 99 stynger bolts, 99 stakes, 99 nails, 99 candycorn, 99 gel, 99 bones, 600 snowballs, and 99 stars? It would therefore not include: coins for the coin gun, flares, ale for the ale tosser, explosive jack o lanterns, or sand for the sand gun. But it would be nice to have an item that includes everything else.
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Just play modded, you fill the suggestions forums with these suggestions when it is just in modded. These don't need to be in vanilla.
"Just play modded" is not a valid reason to not make a suggestion. Whether or not something already exists in a mod is irrelevant to discussion about it being in the base game - ReLogic do not consider whether an item exists in a mod when they decide whether it would be a good fit (and there's no way they could check every mod even if they wanted to).
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