OOC Evolutionary Brothers

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(WORK IN PROGRESS; Do not expect full RP to come out any time soon)
This scale ranks the evolutionary similarity of every creature, living and dead.
Us, Humans, Homo Sapiens fall under the Order of Primate, the Family of Hominidae, the Genus of Homo, and the Species of Sapiens.
And up until roughly 40000 years ago, we had an Evolutionary Brother.
Primate Hominidae Homo neanderthalensis.
Unfortunately, as stated, they've died out. But what if they hadn't?

This roleplay takes place on an alternate Earth. To avoid confusion, it shall be referred to as Terra.
And Neanderthals and Humans have lived together on it.
However, this livelihood has not been peaceful.

Above is an introductory to a new roleplay I will be working on.
More information will be added as I create it, in replies below.
This roleplay will likely stay in development until late May or early June, and at that point, will have an open IC.
Character Creation will likely open before the previous date, but don't plan on it too hard.
Along with this, this RP is a fair bit more... serious than some recent roleplays, and as such will require more effort to be put into characters and active roleplaying.
More detail will be put into the following info posts, but characters will need to fit the context of the roleplay.
No fantasy characters, nothing that doesn't fit the timeline or the conflicts presented, etc.
I hope for this to be an excellent RP that will end up with a great story.
But til' then, good night.
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General Info Thread
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