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tModLoader ExtraPets


Skeletron Prime
I would try to sprite, if weren't for :red:ing school, and I'm.....mediocre at spriting, (more like completely terrible at making art) but just a simple suggestion here. Gonna copy+paste this from an older post:

Warp Star: A rare chance to spawn instead of a fallen star. You can tell when one landed because 1. It looks different and 2. It makes the infamous 1-UP noise upon crashing. This item spawns a pet Kirby. How adorable!

Tooltip: 'Poyo!'




Welcome, JFC_263, to the team!

Version 0.4 is nearly here! It will be the Crafting Update!

New ore! Petassium!

New pets! Wooden Bunny! Crabby Clamper!

Updated sprites thanks to JFC and Peridorito!

Let's all get hyped for the Crafting Update!


hm, what biomes need pets?
Underworld pet, maybe a mini bone serpent? or a WOF pet?
Sky pet? Maybe a wyvern? or a new mob that has a 1/2%,1%,or 2% chance of dropping?
medusa pet? maybe a summon for that instead.
Guide Pet? As a reminder of how far you have come?
in the game?


Hey guys!

Next update may take a while. School has been kinda crazy recently, and having a few very resilient bugs.
Also, I want to add all of these awesome suggestions, but I am human. I can't get to all of them, at least not right away.

Please understand if your suggestion does not make it in, I likely couldn't get it to work, forgot about it, or just didn't have time, among other things.



All rejoice! I am releasing 0.4!

It has taken much work, but it is now in a condition that I believe is fit for public release!

the Dropbox will be updated soon. The Update is already out on the mod browser.

Thanks to JFC_263 for some spritework!

Also, just to update:
I am on vacation as I am writing this. I may not be the most responsive at this time. Please, be patient and let me have my family time. I have a life too! :merchantsigh:


Hey all!
Just wanted to update you on this mod.

It isn't going to be updated.
Yep. It's dead.

Don't worry though! It will live on in another mod known as Sol's Assorted Things! (SAT for short!)

Look forward to it!

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