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Face Monster's Builds of Evil


In-Game Creations Category
General Builds
In-Game Creations Type
  1. General Builds
EvilEye.png Not all of them are evil. EvilEye.png
Hey there guys, its Face Monter! i have been building a bit lately, and would like to show them to the community. These builds are in a modded world.
NUMBER 1: Rusty Sub, home for Thorium's Diverman.
Capture 2020-01-18 13_20_53.png

NUMBER 2: Rocket Hut, house for the Steampunker.
Capture 2020-01-26 07_42_10.png

NUMBER 3: Crystal Island, home to the Wyverns.
Capture 2020-01-26 08_25_34.png

More coming soon!​
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