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It's simple just type your favourite quotes that famous people said

Mine is: "Money can't buy life" -Bob Marley
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Just one quote? Do you not have hundreds more?
Fine, I'll leave all my favorite quotes.

"I'm going to make people suffer" -Ajidot 2015
"Me gonna kill uuuuu" -Ajidot 2015
"Criddle is the best" -Pixel 2015
"Agent is ugly" -Ajidot 2015
"I have a spying drone in your room right now" -Ajidot 2015
"I do enjoy calling out little kids" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"who needs hentai if we have ajidot?" -Arti 2015
"Beat his sorry *** into the ground" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"this picture makes me think of 2 kinds of hammering" -Scarecrow 2015
"gammit" -Supeh Mario 2015
"Yes Milt, listen to your :red:" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"My puppy just dropkicked the other puppy, holy :red:, be right back." -Pixel 2015
"no one's more evil than meee" -Ajidot 2015
"Ban agent! In fact, kill him!" -Ajidot 2015
"Is mechanic eating toasted fingers?" -CraftedNightmare Here! 2015
"Because I'm an evil :red:" -Milt69466 2015
"tell suweeka to play club penguin" -Jetstream 2015
"pm me gud hentai plz" -W1K 2015
"AFRICAH o3o" -Suweeka 2015
"It's not fanservice if ALL of it is fanservice." -Matsu 2015
"I'm a bit of a dum dum." -RoboTTastic 2015
"hentai" -Ajidot 2015
"you aren't doing it hard enough. Stalk harder." -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"I have no friends." -boopasaurus1 2015
"Welcome to the forums, :red:er!~ :)" -CeruleanBlitz 2015
"I had this nagging feeling you'd bring up cup sizes." -Sodapone 2015
"Senpai is allways proud of her little fleshlings <3" -Szaila 2015
"I'm in Hell now, so that's great." -Pixel 2015
"didn't you know? Ajidot is verb. it means to hate agent" -Ajidot 2015
"I command agent's execution" -Ajidot 2015
"You know it, babe." -Scironex 2015
"so this means everyone can shut up about scarlet's goddamn neck now, right?" -Scarecrow 2015
"I like the colors." -excession 2015
"Everybody's like 'oh you're such a genius excession I wish I could be like you'" -excession 2015
"can i request porn" -TaDa 2015
":red: you. But also, :red: YOU." -Scironex 2015
"Who wants to hear the most stupid that ever lived" -Qui Devorat 2015
"Scironex is a steroid fuelled baby" -Qui Devorat 2015
"I synthesize my own testosterone, thank you." -Scironex 2015
"'I shared four lollipops with the rest of my 13 year old babes.'" -Teal 2015
"The only person in this chat that I'd bed is alx, so..." -Scironex 2015
"I'm gonna be put in a history book or something" -Ajidot 2015
"Go to sleep" -Ajidot 2015
"can you say poopy poop poop?" -darthmorf 2015
"i try spray and pray but i never hit anything because i dont believe in god" -Xaviorchaos 2015
"I'm a strong and independent woman, I don't need money" -Scironex 2015
":red: you, fire. :red: you and everything you stand for." -Scironex 2015
"Flowers are pretty great." -Pixel 2015.
"Agent, I will legitimately report you if you quote any more comments on my profile. :p" -Teal 2015
"waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu waifu - All Diablo would say while furiously beating the leek." -DemonSword 2015
"Raise your dongers!" -Matsu 2015
"matsu need to draw who now pic" -EpicCriddle 2015
"Hold on to your nuts, this isn't any ordinary blow job" -CraftedNightmare Here! 2015
"Mango porn." -Freenight 2015
"Alx for janitor" -Corenality 2015
"OOh upskirt" -CraftedNightmare Here! 2015
"she's gonna die" -Ajidot 2015
"Pixel is a yandere" -Ajidot 2015
"use agent_ale to craft molotov cocktalx" -EpicCriddle 2015
"Pixel and Kotoura sneak away from the campfire and 18+" -Pixel 2015
"kouta and pixel are those one kind of insects that can survive without their heads" -EpicCriddle 2015
"What do yo you guys smoke? I want it." -BitPieStudios 2015
"now bear eating will happen." -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"demm panties magic... :<" -DG-VR 2015
"Szaila, remind me to put the Right Hand Bisharp in my soggy" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"My breasts are pretty great." -Pixel 2015
"you can do him." -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"Shut up and give me your money." -Redigit 2015
"I hate you guys." -Redigit 2015
"her face isn't orgasmic enough..." -Scarecrow 2015
"I like to spend hours at a time in Hell." -Scironex 2015
"I don't know if I should be worried or not that I'm being wisked away by Pixel." -Doylee 2015
"Agent is a young independant woman, MY independant young woman." -Pixel 2015
"Pixel is my Dungeon buddy." -Doylee 2015
"totally not stalking all of them right now." -Estreadel 2015
"I lack quality" -Ajidot 2015
"she needs to have less clothes on" -Pedguin 2015
"Re-Logic is everywhere... :eek:" -Loki 2015
"Unless you do in fact have a :red:" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"Steel Bisharp :red:" -Scironex 2015
"I want to strangle everyone." -Freenight 2015
"I am pure" -Ajidot 2015
"Robin's books kill." -Scironex 2015
"there goes my reputation" -Ajidot 2015
"I'll become Agent's slave" -CraftedNightmare Here! 2015
"You're incest, TQB." -Pixel 2015
"Did i just see a nipple?!" -CraftedNightmare Here! 2015
"Dang it, TheQuietBisharp, stop being so pleasant and likable. You're making the rest of us look bad!" -Red H2O 2015
"I'm the devil." -Qui Devorat 2015
"I'm always happy! No, I'm lying" -Ajidot 2015
"me too dumb" -Ajidot 2015
"I'm ze best" -Ajidot 2015
"Embrace me Szaila!" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"We must make it one." -Sodapone 2015
"Too bad I don't have an OC for you to exploit to your advantages." -FlakMaster 2015
"Lol this is becoming a harem" -Szaila 2015
"I already work the corners 5 times a week" -bad_news 2015
"I'm a bad person" -Doylee 2015
"Szaila and I shall continue." -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"i swear to god if i got his credit card info he would have a bunch of male strippers showing up at his house for the rest of his life" -hamyo 2015
"Quit being colorblind, it's rude." -Scironex 2015
"I'm gonna try and not die. I died." -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"off with yer toe!" -Ajidot 2015
"I'm the serial gender bender Ajidot =w=" -Ajidot 2015
"Mortimer is starting to float sideways." -Cenx 2015
"I think my desk fish is about to go." -Cenx 2015
"Moon Lord is Tsuki's larval state, that is why it is big but not the biggest." -Matsu 2015
"There can only be one fully evolved Tsuki at a time, eventually a Moon Lord will survive us all, make a cocoon, and a second Tsuki will form. This Neo-Tsuki will then fight the Proto-Tsuki that we currently have; if it wins it will be the new biggest and the cycle will start anew." -Matsu 2015
"Who do you find to be the most attractive woman in the game?" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"Nene is wearing fishnet leggings I think, but I'll just chalk that up to ninja gear." -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"i want to go deep in you" -bad_news 2015
"she's soooo wrenchy!" -Ajidot 2015
"The love son of Alx and Ajidot. Yes please." -Folder 2015
"LUSCIOUS PIXEL ART." -drain 2015
"I call upon the great shadow dragon in my right arm.....!" -Ajidot 2015
"I am in a house!" -Ajidot 2015
"ya dam kids and yer newfangle ecchi games" -BitPieStudios 2015
" -Ajidot 2015
"Call me Vodafone from now on." -Sodapone 2015
"Sorry, I was being really stupid." -Sodapone 2015
"Hopefully Mothron doesn't decide to mount my face this time." -Matsu 2015
"Your freezer is a douche" -Doylee 2015
"Aren't circuses just like...fake zoos?" -Matsu 2015
"Matsu is an orangutan, can confirm" -Doylee 2015
"No more quotes" -Ajidot 2015
"May I stroke your rose, Milt?" -Teal 2015
"Milt, just don't get touched in early mode" -Doylee 2015
"Don't draw the nips and you'll be good" -Milt69466
"ICECUBE YOU ARE MY :red:." -Teal 2015
"spank me like im your ***" -The Ice Cube 2015
"Now I want to whack myself in the head" -CraftedNightmare Here! 2015
"Sorry teal i'm art drunk" -BitPieStudios 2015
"My head is full of kotoura" -Sodapone 2015
"unless you count a sip of beer my dad let me have when I was ten or something, my first alcohol was some beer." -Zygomorph 2015
"Anyway, alx, the moral of the story is cover your :red:ing Twitter feed with a blanket if it bothers you so much." -Scironex 2015
"I sound like a prepubescent 11 year old on helium." -Teal 2015
"Got told to watch this whie being called a prostitute. I feel quite violated" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"He wants to see tits on everything and everyone" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"So Agent has figured out how to make Slackbot his :red:" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"If unsure about what to draw, draw :red:s." -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"I'm such a dumbass" -darthmorf 2015
"I'm confessing my love to Agent-chan." -Matsu 2015
"My heart goes doki doki when I think about Agent-chan's pantsu." -Matsu 2015
"Puffins are sad penguin seagulls." -Doylee 2015
"But then again, I'm a knight of the night" -CraftedNightmare Here! 2015
"i suck" -Pedguin 2015
"Hitler is agent's one direction" -Scarecrow 2015
"I'm evil!" -TheG434 2015
"jeus fycj" -Dish0ut 2015
"FEEL the miis" -Scarecrow 2015
"I wish I got bent." -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"I want to wear things" -DeltaVii 2015
"40 pound sweaty ogre of a man" -Scarecrow 2015
"I get a lot of dank kush" -Doylee 2015
"doylee for dank admin 2k15" -Mystery 2015
"I can't handle all this kush dude." -Doylee 2015
"I'm getting high. 5 times over." -Doylee 2015
"Do drugs kids." -Doylee 2015
"Streaming video games while high? that sounds fun" -Mystery 2015
"nerds are sexy" -Baconfry 2015
"Man, that picture of Doylee that was put up earlier got me all hot and bothered." -Matsu 2015
"that picture of doylee put up earlier made alx really wet" -Scarecrow 2015
"Matsu is just jelly" -Doylee 2015
"Wow you're actually not ugly" -Mystery 2015
"why are you so small?" -Scarecrow 2015
"Going to shove this inside of me, as I have no respect for my body." -Matsu 2015
"Come to Canyon Country and watch me shove meat into my mouth Doylee." -Matsu 2015
"I beat people up for as a proffesional past time m8" -Doylee 2015
"I am stupid." -Matsu 2015
"You shouldn't put feces on your computer." -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"I hate you." -Teal 2015
"Wow, bipolar much? You said you loved me a minute ago." -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"Wow, insulting medical conditions now." -Teal 2015
"Now you may discover my occupation at the gay bar." -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"dammit, everyone loves me." -Scarecrow 2015
"Panties are enough to solve all the world's problems" -Genderless_Neko 2015
"Too bad boobs like that only exist in carton" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"so then I can link Norwegian deathmetal?" -Ghostar 2015
"I like you Sizzles" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"Ajidot. Bend me. Now." - TheQuietBisharp 2015
"someone owes me pantsless pictures of their sister still." -Matsu 2015
"Omnir is my adorable little sister, and I am his 6'2 ripped onichan" -Ghostar 2015
"Hi, My name is Crystal. There are around 4 MILLION other Crystals in the world, 80% of which are strippers." -Ghostar 2015
"You're not ugly. 11/10 would kawaii desu." -Matsu 2015
"I actually LOVE misogynism" -Ghostar 2015
"Eat me Ghostar." -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"Terraria blinds people confirmed" -TehFlufflez 2015
"you have a fetus in your butt" -The Ice Cube 2015
"I don't HAVE A FETUS" -CraftedNightmare Here! 2015
"You're dumb, I hate you." -excession 2015
"There's Steam you nunlord." -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"Gotta go at a moderate pace" -Dire Sigma 2015
"you are an almighty badass that everyone who doesn't worship, should worship" -Sivath 2015
"because its great it;s time for butt shake" -ahmad rifai 2015
"I would be all ontop of her" -Faker 2015
"aji-blocked" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"no hiding from me" -Corenality 2015
"ghostars don't worry, I can provide butts" -Scarecrow 2015
"Well, thanks for boning me with the waifu" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"DEATH IS FUN" -Hello the Terrarian 2015
"I feel like Kotoura reading Manabe's mind right now" -Sodapone 2015
"Only if you bring me a cheeseburger." -Redigit 2015
"The colors are overwhelmingly color-y" -excession 2015
"crack is great" -BitPieStudios 2015
"who isn't looking at porn" -molochmekkane 2015
"can I just have the cock?" -Mystery 2015
"I'm open" -Szaila 2015
"I'll cover YOUR important bits in ranch dressing!" -Devalaous 2015
"stimulate the poor man" -Szaila 2015
"the sounds coming from devas room are terrifying" -Tonbogiri 2015
"plague just showed us his porn" -Scarecrow 2015
"its just naked girl without nipples and pointy feet" -EpicCriddle 2015
":red: me i suck so much" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"infinite lube" -Scarecrow 2015
"gotta learn about the birds and bees at one point" -Szaila 2015
"oh damn, it looks like he's furiously masturbating" -Szaila 2015
"not enough smut" -Dameon 2015
"In a few months Scarlet will be the hottest thing on R34 sites" -agent_alx 2015
"Your face is a typo" -Shia LaBeouf™ 2015
"szaila is a sexual mecha godzilla" -Scarecrow 2015
"Plague has the sex appeal of a metal bar" -Shia LaBeouf™ 2015
"We arent going to watch you piss" -Devalaous
"no stopping the Szai train" -Corenality 2015
"I HAVE TITS?!" -Shia LaBeouf™ 2015
"pinning game isn't won until you can pin your partner on the bed" -Jenosis 2015
"I was born without arms too, I type and draw with my :red:." -Scarecrow 2015
"I can't believe W1K has a saxophone for a :red:" -Jenosis 2015
"porn makes everyone happy" -Dameon 2015
"I think we can all agree that "A Sensual Handjob" was the best member name" -Devalaous 2015
"thats a picture of goku :red:ing a washing machine" -Ghostar 2015
"naked people are :red:ing hilarious" -MolochMekkane 2015
"I want a big, thick, meaty, greatsword." -Ghostar 2015
"Who the hell wants Starbound for a 1st place prize" -agent_alx 2015
"also my phone just autocorrected suika to "sucks" lol" -Mystery 2015
"I swear you are cruising for a cheese grinder to the :red:" -MolochMekkane 2015
"warm thy :red:" -Supeh Mario 2015
"Agent is now my man-slave" -Devalaous 2015
"don't want to be misled by all that fake arse" -Eris Falling 2015
"I am also a 6'2 ripped black man with tons of money and 8 waifus" -Ghostar 2015
"Kiss me Pie" -CinamonPizza 2015
"a good butt is a good butt" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"I just heard my younger brother say 'When I first saw her butt I wanted to get inside that'"- MolochMekkane 2015
"reproduction time" -MolochMekkane 2015
"come for the smut, stay for the community" -MolochMekkane 2015
"I'm not sure what is going on, but I think we should shoot moloch with a nail gun" -Scarecrow 2015
"I am incapable of shame" -Matsu 2015
Time spent at the beach peeping at hot girls, time well spent." -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"And handjob is acceptable..." -CinamonPizza 2015
"why would you wear pants in front of your computer, not like it's judging you or anything" -Suweeka 2015
"I personally only slay dragons with my raging boner" -Devalaous 2015
"I just heard my younger brother say 'When I first saw her butt I wanted to get inside that'" -MolochMekkane 2015
"well ok technically I fell UP the stairs" -Devalaous 2015
"oh, right, you really liked doing butt stuff" -Szaila 2015
"'Ma'am, why is your child dead?' 'I :red:ed a ghost'" -CinamonPizza 2015
"*walks into the chatroom, turns right back around" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"when can we watch you sleep again" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"I think your butt's more important" -Devalaous 2015
"Stop right there criminal scum! You violated my mother!" -Devalaous 2015
"It's too small." -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"Sex: it's what for dinner" -MolochMekkane 2015
"I hate you all c:" -agent_alx 2015
"It looks like a pointy :red: with a face" -Shia LaBeouf™ 2015
"I want a hydraulic :red:" -Ghostar 2015
"whoa he's a pSYCHo hE'S GONNA LIGHT OUR CANDLES" -Dish0ut 2015
"I'm going to name a dog after Alx so I can tell it to go away and to stop licking itself." -Matsu 2015
"It's too big for Moloch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" -agent_alx 2015
"pleasure of the body trumps whatever the :red: these dip:red:s are doing" -MolochMekkane 2015
"I'm gonna make them so hard" -Szaila 2015
"will it be safe to play it while eating?" -Szaila 2015
"anyways, Imma go eat some hard, salty, cheesy nachos~" -Szaila 2015
"Dameon scared me out with that furry porn" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"i would accept a handjob as currency" -MolochMekkane 2015
"it's happening" -Dish0ut 2015
"damn, I was just gonna saw off his hands and eat them" -Scarecrow 2015
"Spinach confirmed as race" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"looking at the backwall it seems like it's Baconfry's white redneck counterpart" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"is that bearded hitler" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"his bad side has a filter and bigger hat, run!" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"apparently i'm funny" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"Thuglife McBadass" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"I'm just going to grab 2 blades and shove them into my viewing spheres" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"I also go around taking random pictures after I whip my :red: out" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"shoves :red: in your face* OH SORRY I JUST HAPPENED TO HAVE MY :red: OUT WHILE PELVIC THRUSTING YOUR FACE" -Shia LaBeouf™ 2015
"Stop oppressing the people who can't count to potato you rapist" -agent_alx 2015
"I guess they don't have to ask where da wite wimmin at" -MolochMekkane 2015
"It'd be the switchblade in the stone" -agent_alx 2015
"That's not why you child support" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
":red: is my life" -Woog 2015
"You are one angry quote fairy" -Ajidot 2015
"Tsuki has like, a fetish for sniper rifles" -Ghostar 2015
"League of Losers" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"Bisbarbarian: The Waifu Slayer" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"I heard something about boobs" -Devalaous 2015
"alx is not the best." -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"what is hitler alone going to do" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"Ghostar would probably wheel up, wink, then ride away with Tsuki in her lap" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"They might be testicles" -Devalaous 2015
"Alx is my precious kouhai, don't corrupt Alx-chan." -Matsu 2015
"doylee loves :red:es" -Scarecrow 2015
"Then when it exploded, I asked for help" -Devalaous 2015
"sucked them all" -MolochMekkane 2015
"I keep seeing 'sailed' as 'orgasm'" -MolochMekkane 2015
"Note to self: don't play pin the tail on the donkey with agent" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"At least I THINK Cina and Szaila dont hate me ^_^" -Devalaous 2015
"razor nipples" -MolochMekkane 2015
"Aji will just copy paste tits on a Bisharp" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"Bend over for me" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"My pants are ALWAYs left at Cina's door" -Devalaous 2015
"Cenxual" -MolochMekkane 2015
"we all know the girls here are dudes anyway" -Devalaous 2015
"Cenx is officially our lewd plaything" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"Red can try, but I've already had excellent Buttcenx with his wife" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"I have Swordbomb Syndrome with Cenx" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"everyone knows my name. its Butt Pirate." -Tonbogiri 2015
"I am a :red: aficionado! Give me as many :red:s as possible!" -Scironex 2015
"Your :red: is mine, mekkane!" -Scironex 2015
"Time to defuse a bomb, brbrbrbr" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
":red:ing children" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"You can both bang my mom" -TheQuietBisharp 2015
"it reaches down to my knees when I'm standing qwq" -Szaila 2015
"you could say I'm kawaii on the streets, senpai in the sheets" -Szaila 2015
"I've always been the small guy" -Lord Plaguerion 2015
"now strip." -Scarecrow 2015
"putting your :red: in crimson may not be sanitary" -MolochMekkane 2015
":red: your :red:ty-:red: life, get to watching more android drama" -Sodapone 2015
"Binging Kotoura-san incurs mind:red:s." -Sodapone 2015

M the Mister

I love this one cause it's funny

"Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive"

Elbert Hubbard
[DOUBLEPOST=1439837233,1439836937][/DOUBLEPOST]This is one i invented

"It is better to look stupid than fall out of an airplane"
"Fairy tales don't teach children that monsters exist. They already know that monsters exist. Fairy tales teach children that monsters can be killed." -Chesterton.

Here's a Wikipedia link to Chesterton, since I can guarantee almost none of you will know who he is (although I don't either).
That one is deep....

M the Mister

Ok I have to ask @ImMarko what does lolz stand for??? Laughing out loud zebras?!?!
Lolz? Try here http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=LOLZ after I red all there is written I think that I won't use lolz anymore I'll stick with lol for now
"Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music." - Friedrich Nietzsche.
Wow great one! :)
Churchill has a bunch of great :red:in' quotes. My favorite is "You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks"
Looks like I'll have to look more for Churchill I really like his quotes :)
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