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Farceur's 1.3.4.x Experience


At first, I couldn't decide on whether I should expand upon my story thread or produce this one, further focusing on the adventures of Farceur, especially since this rockin' update came out! Although I have other Players moving about, she's going to be the main focus regarding her 1.3.4.x experience. `:D
I had a plan and everything, especially since I had some experience in Dungeon Defenders myself (the original, not the sequel). In that case, I'll start things off with the seemingly neverending quest of hers to find the Barkeep or whoever. As with all the updates before it, 1.3.4.x changed how I play and now I'm taking it upon myself to share it with you guys. In the end, my wait was one that paid off rather nicely and it's time I repaid the favor. Expect regular updates (that is, when I get a chance to play Terraria on where it all started: the PC).

That's all I have for now; sit back and enjoy the show. `:happy:

"Ahhhh... A long day's worth of adventure awaits me, just as usual."

Indeed. So her quest begins, but where will it start? In that case, she takes to the caves east of Lillnex's tower with plans for further excavation. Decisions, decisions...
After a rather embarassing incident involving climbing a giant tree, she sets sights for desert fossils underground; also considering improving the Rest Stop Shack in the process. Yup. Definitely a long way to go.
Following the swift defeat of a Blue Slime that netted her 130 silver coins, she'd draw the line somewhere. Oh yes. I forgot to mention she had a sudden change of plans, but the desert is her top priority at the moment... And maybe a proper bar...
As with the others, she knew that she had to wait a while before proceeding any further into the Crimson despite defeating a few baddies here and there. Down the Underground Desert she goes...
Second time's the charm. After she braved several of the numerous Antlion variants, she finally found the Barkeep unconscious. That was faster than I thought!

And now, she must construct a drinking house proper. As I said before, where should she start? Where does she stand? Find out next time when she gets to it!
Oh look. A Heart Crystal! Apparently, in large worlds, the Jungle's the place to be as one scours them.
I'm not kidding. If anything, she's accomplishing her goal to head to certain worlds at this rate.
As of now, she's having doubts on whether she should consume Life Fruit or not.
The jungle may be tough, but she's making progress towards her considerations for the bar. Everything else stated below shall give you an idea as to how far she's went with the Crystals.
This one is practically the last Life Crystal she found inside the Jungle.
Well, she found a Crystal in an ice cave, but I wanna cover these ones in normal caverns.
At last!! Finally found the glowing mushroom biome! Hopefully, the other Players will take notes in the future. `:D
After several days, she found all the crystals necessary to attain 400 HP in various places underground. Woohoo!! Now she gotta worry about Skeletron and the acquisition of a Muramasa. `:happy:
It's been a while since any Player of mine (including myself) crafted a keg and made some ale. Having brought those allusions to Le Leyenda de Maxx, apparently they'd set the stage for the second major part of the experience. It all adds up or I'm being crazy. `:p
Since then, she goes as far as using the underground houses she encountered serving as a model of sorts. Eventually, she situated herself in the cool, icy caves in search of more inspiration.
Huzzah! An unexpected spider cave! 'Tis the second one she discovered thus far. Once she meets Ted, she'll find a place to house Parms' first Etheria Crystal. `:)
Having made my first proper foray into earlymode since January 2013, we came to the conclusion that Wall Creepers can take a toll on the developing Players. At least Farcy didn't die this time. `;)
Ooooh! A web-covered chest! I wonder what's inside? As it turns out, this one got covered by the others, but that didn't stop her from taking some snow and pink gel for future use.
After she escaped the cave, she approaches familiar ground. C'mon. Get to Ted!
Goodness gracious, Large Shellies are quite common and ditto for the compasses.
With all those banners and whatnot, I had thoughts about the whereabouts of the Skeleton Merchant. All of a sudden, she found him!
Another spider cave? Farcy's on fire! In actuality, she gets poisoned a lot from the usual lack of awareness involving dart traps. At least she can take the pain.
Like I said before, goodness gracious! Fortunately, this area has not been explored... Yet.
After a while, she set her sights on the Dungeon; exploring the leftmost side of the world to pass the time. Once she reached it, worries were non-existent since Player freed the Clothier from his curse for the sake of achievements. However, there existed another complication: Golden Keys. Prior to the loss of Vorticon VI, they came in extreme abundance, yet a few of my Players attain a ridiculous amount; myself included.
During this whole experience, we'll make it clear that Farcy is the breaker of pots and this time, she got something special. The focus here is the Magic Missile so she can help Boris obtain a Sky Fracture because of how cool it sounded as a weapon.
Eventually, she came across the Mechanic; Terra was her name. Upon her rescuing, she took residence in the paint place. Having defeated a large amount of the enemies, she got the keys and it only took her a few tries before she'd get it and the rest is history.

Eventually, Farceur would take up the same mantle her prior contemporary Xenia did as the one female Player who'd engage in constant struggles against the Queen Bee. For once, to contrast the distaff counterpart of storywriter Boris, she actually made use of the goggles obtained during her latest conflict with the Bee. Unlike a majority of Players in the same realm as her, she applauded the efforts and cheered her on towards building the bar and other stuff... Whichever comes first.

This is it: many Terrarian days spent towards perfecting an area where it meets the bare minimum requirements for the presence of mysterious portals. Considering that it is situated high in the sky, it will make for potentially interesting engagements. This first fight will be one where she'd make way for the transition to hardmode.

The real question is "Would it work?" Let us find out.

Upon her presence, she enters the Tungsten Teleporter Room and activates the lever. Making her way towards the Eternia Crystal Stand, she places one of her crystals. Lightning Aura Staff in hand, she cast it across the whole arena as she dispelled the Old One's Army with alternation between Muramasa and Amber Staff. Amidst the fighting, it lost half health; however, she hung in there and drove off the remaining forces.

With all other events considered, she shall take it upon herself and build the bar and release the light and dark spirits. As she returns, so shall they: harassing the other Players from time to time.
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you should probably reply to this thread whenever a new part comes out, just sayin ;)
Good point, especially since I made that recent mention of a transition to hardmode.
Anyways, here we go!

The bar has been finished. Hell awaits the young Farceur since the world she and several other Players inhabited remained dormant for a year. Fortunately, others came around so approaching rock bottom will take less time than usual. So it begins!

Having made her way to the underworld, she set sights for the west side. Upon this point, she felt confident enough to throw her lent Guide Voodoo Doll at the body of lava in front of her. This may be interesting...
... Alas, she has done it. After at least four tries, she finally bested the Wall of Flesh. Fortunately, someone already beat a mech boss already, so there's the jungle to worry about and whatnot. Hooray!

Farceur runs through the snowy areas, having braved four wolves on her way towards Player's house.
Her first day in hardmode following the Wall's vanquishing slightly shocked her with the changes done to the world. Fortunately, all the time in the world can be given to rectify this issue and change the world.

On a smaller scale, lucky horseshoe adorned, she sets her sights on Player's house. The chest contains a Sandstorm in a Balloon by which she can take and craft a Yellow Horseshoe Balloon.

What can I say? The effect has to be the coolest of the bottled forces of nature available. `:D
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