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Duke Fishron

Loot Bonus
This mod makes all enemies drop extra loot. The default value is 5x normal loot.

There are several configurable options:

Loot Multiplier - Ranges from 1x (no extra loot) to 100x loot. Essentially raising item drop rates by the the multiplier.
Multiply coin drops - Default off. High multipliers will spawn so many coins the game lags or can despawn more important items.

Bonus Loot affects Bosses - Default on. Boss loot will be multiplied.
Multiply kill count for banners - Default on. Multiplies banner kill counts. For example every kill will give a banner if the multiplier is set to 50.

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Hey, there seems to be a bug with coins. I have the option set to off, which is the default if I'm not mistaken, but I still get an intense amount of gold lmao. I got like 10 stacks of 999 platinum coins now from just a single pre-Hardmode Blood Moon. This was using the default 5x drop rate.
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