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Favorite Summons


Spider Staff
This might be the one weapon I use every play through, you can get it right at the start of hardmode, and the dps a hoard of spiders provides is comparable to late prehardmode weapons. Providing both a substantial damage boost for little effort for dealing with early hardmode enemies, and a reliable way of 'safely picking off' enemies behind walls in caves.

Sure its got some weaknesses like lacking local immunity, or getting shaken off by fast bosses. But it's capable of reasoonably dealing with dreadnautulus letting the sanguine staff cover those weaknesses. And even after getting the sanguine staff the spider staff still has the niche of attacking through blocks or dealing more dps in situations where you can expect the spiders to be able to constantly attack (although you shouldn't use more than 3 due to the iFrames).

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I'd honestly have to go with the Flameburst Staves. They may be limited to when fighting the Old One's Army, but it's a fairly cool design to me as a sentry being that Sentries are my personal favorite summon weapons. It's like a portable dragon head which i'm into. Damage wise i'd probably have to go with the Rainbow Crystal though.
The tempest staff. Such an awesome design and funny concept, tiny waterspouts spitting out sharknados at your enemies. Problem is it uh... kinda sucks. Very much inferior to the xeno staff. Good players can defeat fishron pre-mechanical to obtain the staff early but those are the good players. I believe 1.4.1 gave it a buff in projectile velocity so I’ll have to play with it again.


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Stardust cell staff. Not only is it essentially a xeno staff v2.0 (and xeno staff is already awesome), but it also just feels awesome. Those little star circles resonate with every fiber of my being and I love it. Everything about it - the way they teleport, the fact the debuff makes your enemies literally get eaten by cells, how they just passively swing around above you when you stand still - just, perfection.

Sure, Stardust dragon may be stronger, and many people would prefer it over the cells, but I just can't help but love them. Plus, having an army of small minions feels more "natural", if you know what I mean.

(Also, not really "minion staffs", but I also love the stardust guardian and the lunar portal staff)
My favorite summons are Retinamini and Spazmamini from the Optic Staff. I know they are useless in the late game, but somehow I find them really cute, and that's why I kept them around. I even consider them as a pet other than a minion. I never go anywhere without them following me.
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