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  1. Robo Gogo

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    ~ Do you fear D̶eath? ~
    Ye who have defiled the sanctity of the land dwell now upon it without its blessing. Thusly, ye shall be Haun̡te̵d̵! For a price, thou may avert Fate by way of the Ferryman... for a time. Think not ye can run forever.Time̥ waits for no Man. The Reaper Comes̖̱͍̟!

    Welcome to the mod for those who hate sleep. After a several minute grace period, you will be haunted by none other than The Reaper itself! Unless you want a taste of the Great Beyond, you'd better run... if you can! Do not think mere mortal magics or trickery will save you. Only Death awaits those who stand their ground!

    Your only (temporary) reprieve from the Reaper's pursuit comes by way of the Ferryman: A cheery fellow who asks of you a toll to continue your stay in the land of the living. Yet even amongst the dead, money talks, and his fee will steadily increase with each payment. However, there *is* a more permanent solution, if you're up for the challenge...

    1. Install Latest tAPI (r14a for Terraria v1.2.4, as of this writing). Game Launcher is optional, but you may need to locate tapi.exe in your Terraria steam folder.
    2. Download the latest FearTheReaper.tapi mod file below.
    3. Copy the .tapi file into your tAPI mods folder to install the mod. If tAPI set to associate with .tapi files, simply open it to install (e.g. double-click the file). On Windows, the tAPI folder is usually something like C:/Users/<Current User>/Documents/My Games/Terraria/tAPI/Mods/Local
    4. Launch tAPI. Under Mods in the main menu, enable 'Fear The Reaper', then select Reload Mods.
    5. Run from Death. Don't forget the (adult) diapers.

    I recommend playing in a dark room with headphones, beginning a new world from scratch with a fresh character. You'll probably want to play softcore on your first attempt. Also, I recommend avoiding spoilers, if you can.

    It may not look it, but I did try putting a bit of love into this. It is mostly balanced and tested for single player, but it should also work with multiplayer. If you discover any bugs, mod incompatibilities, or balance issues, please post them here.

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  2. Pumpking

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    A very interesting mod, I will try it out!
  3. Skeltron's Keeper

    Skeltron's Keeper Terrarian

    Sounds cool to bad i dont have pc
  4. Pawlick

    Pawlick Spazmatism

    Wait, a scary mod for Terraria? Gonna check it out right now! :redspin:
  5. Robo Gogo

    Robo Gogo Terrarian

    Version 1.1 is up.
    • Reaper is now much less persistent in his chase behavior in the early game.
    • Initial grace period much shorter.
    • Reaper has added behaviors (see list below).
    • A 'Sanctified' buff now indicates when player is protected from Reaper haunting.
    • Ferryman now drips water.
    • Ferryman's toll price tweaked.
    • Reaper's aura no longer affects Demon Torches.
    • Reaper will not appear while the player is in the underworld.
    • Reaper randomly destroys mobs that get too close to it.
    • Invisibility Potion's effects (while wearing no armor or vanity) prevent the Reaper from appearing.
    • Standing near a Reaper Statue prevents the Reaper from appearing.
    • Reaper is temporarily immobilized by Love Potions.
    • Reaper is severely damaged by direct hits from an Enchanted Sword.

    Known issue: I am having trouble getting the Reaper spawning behavior to work correctly in multiplayer, it turns out. I'll need some assistance with this, since nothing I've tried seems to solve it.

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  6. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

    you need to use NetMessage.SendData to make it actually work in MP.
  7. Robo Gogo

    Robo Gogo Terrarian

    I've tried adding this to my npc's OnSpawn method, but it still does not work:
    NetMessage.SendData( 23, -1, -1, "", npc.whoAmI, 0f, 0f, 0f, 0f );
  8. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

    then try to set npc.netUpdate and npc.netUpdate2 to true in the same method
  9. Robo Gogo

    Robo Gogo Terrarian

    It seems I was mistaken about CanSpawn not being called. I made several assumptions about the separation of client and server that's most likely the cause of my problems.

    Should my latest fixes not resolve the matter, I'll try what you suggest.
  10. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    Je vois pas what you mean when you say the reaper takes more DMG from an enchanted sword... Is that an item added by the mod ?

    :joy: FTW
  11. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

  12. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    Okay, So in order to deal a bunch of damage to that thing we gotta find that super duper rare Sword ?
    This kinda becomes too expensive to pay the fee so I guess it must be found QUICKLY !

    EDIT : Doublepost is a thing I hate a lot
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  13. MarioKart7z

    MarioKart7z Plantera

    no you can damage him with all other weapon, he just takes extra damage if you hit him with that sword
  14. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    Yeah i know that but ... he's just annoying, I mean I see him everywhere I go and I barely escape his attacks :)
    I guess you know the way to definetely kill it (I managed to make him "Go away" for a while)
  15. Azu

    Azu Retinazer

    This seems interesting, may pick it up, but it would be annoying as hell with my other mods :)
  16. Robo Gogo

    Robo Gogo Terrarian

    Version 1.2 is up.
    • Multiplayer seems to work now. Any help testing this would be appreciated.
    • Reaper a bit less aggressive.
    • Various tweaks.

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  17. DankySkeleton

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    This mod is petty scay i try it out is hope is scary because i want to wet my pants away!
  18. DankySkeleton

    DankySkeleton The Destroyer

    Nah not scary add some screams to the reaper is not even scary to wet my pants
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    But is very good
  19. Scrubow Gamer

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    I will check this out when I get on my PC!
  20. DankySkeleton

    DankySkeleton The Destroyer

    is not even scary