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Discussion in 'Released' started by Robo Gogo, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Robo Gogo

    Robo Gogo Terrarian

    I'll see what I can do to amp it up without wrecking balance. Jumpscares are cheap, though.
  2. Robo Gogo

    Robo Gogo Terrarian

    How's this? (v1.3)

    • The Reaper has now taken a few lessons from Pigron. ;)
    • Music fade effect recovers slower.
    • Reaper gains resistance from damage after taking several (recent) hits.
    • Various subtle effects added.
    • Various gameplay tweaks added.
    • Fixed a multiplayer bug that prevented the 'Sanctified' state from working properly.

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  3. Diron

    Diron Terrarian

    come on baby don't fear the reaper.....
  4. Zygomorph

    Zygomorph Spazmatism

    We'll be able to fly...

    Uhm, anyways, the mod is really cool!
  5. Robo Gogo

    Robo Gogo Terrarian

    v1.4 is up. This ought to be the last for a while.

    • Reaper is now more escapeable ('Slow' debuff removed from aura, has friction inside solid matter, etc.)
    • Various tweaks.
    • Fixed a possible bug with buff expiration.

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  6. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    Just when I was about to remove the mod due to just the slowness XD

    Anyway, the reaper's hitbox seems really small compared to his size, I can only hit the bottom of It(Him/Her?)
    That's pretty annoying when trying to run away

    I still wonder how to get definetely rid of it... if someone can PM me ? (or let me discover even thought i'm too lazy for this XD)

    MISSINGNO Terrarian

    Is there any rhyme or reason to why the reaper would spawn? because he seems to constantly be spawning, by constantly I mean every minute that I'm alive.
    I created a world a few minutes ago, and it's already pissing me off, I like the idea, but if it could spawn when you are below 10% HP or if you have killed 100 mobs by hand, That would be great.
  8. Robo Gogo

    Robo Gogo Terrarian

    Very well, I'll do another patch and see what I can do.
  9. Herostar

    Herostar Terrarian

    He wasn't too terrifying. The ambience is perfect, but his design and entrance are a bit lacking.

    That doesn't ruin it for me, though.

    He doesn't have ANY effect on being killed. Dropped a few copper, GG, see you next time.

    No. It would be AWESOME if he had some flare, or epic loot, or something. I spent 5 minutes and 1500 clorophyte bullets outta chaingun, I would like results.

    As a side note, why does the Scythe that came from the reapers in the halloween moon bossrush freeze you? I don get it.
  10. Robo Gogo

    Robo Gogo Terrarian

    It's just a symbolic easter egg thing. Most mythologies/religions assign implicit effects for associating with certain forms of symbolism. Likewise, attempting to wield a tool in likeness of the reaper's own instrument ought to have the corresponding effect (only applies while in the 'abjected' state, though).

    I wanted to add symbolic effects for things like wearing a Halo vanity accessory, Mime mask, Spectre armor, etc., but I ran out of time.
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  11. Dakota Spine

    Dakota Spine Headless Horseman

    I thought this was something where you would sometimes find moving chests, and when you open it, the Reaper comes out of it to attack you :p

    Also, I know you didn't want anything spoiler in the OP, so I will put this in a spoiler. I haven't seen it, but I am guessing that this is an enemy that is constantly moving slowly towards your position? And it will instantly kill you if it touches you. And it is possible to kill it, but it is extremely hard.
  12. Herostar

    Herostar Terrarian


    You see, he's an enemy that will appear randomly. Upon approach, you hear a loud static-like sound, and it gets louder the closer he gets. When nearby you, he has aura effects, so your accessories will likely crap out. He is 1 hit kill on contact, and chipdamage when upclose. He takes 1-2 damage from nearly everything, and heals 1 health per hit. He's incredibly difficult to get away from, but offscreening him seems to cut the chase. You can also kill him, but it takes a lot of resource and time to do so, as well as skill and coordination. Oh, he also is very smart about jumping over him, so watch that.
  13. Dakota Spine

    Dakota Spine Headless Horseman

    Ah, I see. The static thing kind of starts to fall into cliche territory a little bit, with the "Static, really loud noise" thing. Just the atmosphere of him being able to show up anywhere, and you not knowing where he will show up would be a bit better if it were by itself.

    By the way, what does he look like? Is he small like a zombie, large like a boss? Or is he similar to a Haunted Armor, a Demon Eye, or Wraith in the way he comes at you?
  14. Chocosta

    Chocosta Paladin

    He is a light grey-looking reaper (Like Solar Eclipse) and can pass through blocs unoticed although he is faster when he is in nothing.

    He also seems to take more damage from the Enchanted Sword, a very rare vanilla item.

    His size varies : He can be a bit smaller than a reaper but when he takes damage he grows bigger and can reach twice a player's size
  15. Dakota Spine

    Dakota Spine Headless Horseman

    So he's pretty much a Dungeon Guardian that is slower, looks like a reaper, regenerates, and can spawn anywhere.

    Thanks for letting me know.
  16. Herostar

    Herostar Terrarian

    He doesn't just spawn at night, too... He spawns ANY time. And on a new character, It's :red:ing terrifying.
  17. Dakota Spine

    Dakota Spine Headless Horseman

    I kind of assumed that. The only problem I have with this is the static thing. Otherwise it would be pretty tense, and completely and fairly given out. The static isn't needed in my opinion
  18. Robo Gogo

    Robo Gogo Terrarian

    It's not static. It's a wind noise modified to have an unearthly feel.

    Also, feel free to talk normally. Anyone scouting the thread this far in ought to have common sense to know there may be spoilers afoot, I figure.
  19. this appears to be very terrfiying... and looks like it can cause me to ultimately rage quit, hope he's not TOO agrresive
  20. Dakota Spine

    Dakota Spine Headless Horseman

    Just my personal opinion that sound effects aren't needed to build onto atmosphere here :p The mod seems interesting though, reminds me of the Ultimate Chimera in Mother 3.