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I was thinking to myself... If I was given only 10 years to practice a skill... it could be pixel art. I really enjoy it. So, please help me practice, request whatever you want and I'll do my best. I would love to build a portofolio for the forum itself to be more attracted to this thread. I also only want to post in this thread what has been requested because of it.

Therefore, please request whatever you want and I'll do what I can in Terraria style.

I ask you to:
give it a name
be very descriptive
say wether it is very small or boss like or such
if you don't want it animated, specify

When taking your request I will:
maybe make it animated
do it terraria style
ask for feedback while it's not done

_Mish has requrested this Biggoron's Sword from Ocarina of Time!

Brick Creeper wanted a delicious hamburger. Looks yummy to me!

This punk stalker is TheQuietBisharp's idea!

excession's OC 1st try
2nd try

piemansauce wanted his own cherry pie
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If you want requests you will probably need to show some previous work so people can have an idea of your skill level. :)
I would love a biggorons sword from the legend of zelda please!

Biggoron's Sword coming right up. I can still modify, please give me feedback! :)

Sorry it took me long. I was out.


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Like @Zoomo said, it would help if you had some of your sprites for people to view. Anyway sprite me a hamburger like the one in my avatar :merchanttongue:

Edit: I've been ninjad
If you want requests you will probably need to show some previous work so people can have an idea of your skill level. :)
Yeah, but the idea is to build it up from and to this thread. I don't know, it's the focus. The motivation. :p

@Brick Creeper
What color are they?
Also folded like in the picture or "normal looking?"
The terrarian zombie? Or some other kind? Cuz a drawing is not fittable in the terrarian one, if that was your intent. It's just too small.
I can do a bigger "higher quality" version of terraria's or something different, which one would you like?
The two sprites you have up there so far are great! Nice shading!

I have a request.
I want this guy, swinging a death sickle.
Excession w_ backdrop.png

Excession web..png

If you do animations, I would be cool if you could animate the swinging motion, but if you don't want to, you don't have to. I don't want to force something onto you.

Do you want me to use the sprite, working on top of it, or make my own? If it's my own, do you want it sideways or facing the screen, like yours?
I would prefer if you based what he looked like off of the picture I drew, but, of course, in your spriting style.
If possible, I would love it if he was facing the screen, slicing the Death sickle across it, making a black gash/line across the screen. If you can't do that, from the side is also good.
Take as many creative liberties as you need.
Sorry it took me so long @TheQuietBisharp I was playing tApi all weekend. Here it is, bandana, long hair, golden bracelet and boots. Hope it's punk rocker enough!

@excession Here's your OC. I might be able to improve it if you give me new directions.

Nice job, but if you're going to change it, I have a few things that might help it look better.
Don't want to offend you, just giving some constructive criticism.

You might want to make the scythe more round, instead of a triangle on a stick. For example, in my picture here, the scythe blade is curved.
Old death sickle.jpg

Two other small things... I'm not a fan of the head bobbing, and the stuff at the bottom isn't meant to be tentacles, it's meant to be wispy stuff, kind of like upside down fire. Think wisp in a bottle or wraith.

Other than those minor things, it looks great! The shading is really nice, and I love the attention to detail.
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