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Story Fluffy Bunnikin's Snuggle Diary~

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I hope Sif's basin-related projects work out all right. She could stand to use one of those infinite water generators, though. Maybe Di knows how to make one.

Jack Morgan

Skeletron Prime
Oh yeah, just in case people are wondering where my thing's been, got busy due to things happenin' for Crimmas. I'll get back on track later today.


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 64~

As Sif was exploring this cave for Lead, she ran into a weird Skeleton! Now, Skeletons moving around I am used to. Completely natural, after all. It's just, they normally throw Bones at Sif, and try and claw at us!

This one didn't. He had a funny name, a hat, and even offered to sell Sif stuff! Sif took a peek in has large sack, and shrugged, saying what he had to offer wasn't impressive. He sighed, and continued wandering around.

Back to digging, she kept mining away for most of the night, and day as well. She got a lot more Ore this time though, and now has 50 buckets! She can make a small castle out of em now!

All that done, and it was a quick pop up to the Herbs, then a Fish for Nathan. She got a lot of mining done today, even if a lot of it was just running between caves~



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 65~

The first part of the night was just spent moving all the Water from the old Basin to the new one, then moving that last Basin over as well. They are apparently high enough now, which is... Good?

Next Sif dove into the Pond. I saw no sign of Crim-Fish, but stayed up on dry land anyway. She dug at the bottom, expanding it between trips up for air.

This was rudely interrupted by Slimes Raining down from the sky once again. Sif clambered out of the Pond, and drew her Yoyo. Time to kill some jigglehs!

And kill them she did. Quite a lot, really. Mister jumbo Slime came back, wonky Crown and all. Sif was fooling around with the Pond again though, and was caught by surprise!

Lots of flailing happened, quivering of jelly-bits, and yoyo-ing. Sif beat the Slime up, but Sif got beat up worse. She had to BAM back, and the King Slime bounced away smugly, avenging it's fallen wigglers.

Sif is back out again though, apparently Slimey boy leaving didn't make the Rain of them stop. So, more Jiggleh hunting for her!



A chilly day for Reunion: Day 72~

I finally got back. The Bun was happy to see me, and gave his usual tackle. I couldn't help but to smile at him~

We just spent the rest of the day hugging. It's good to be back.




A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 66~

The Slimes eventually stopped falling all on their own, Mister Jumbo Slime did not return. Awww. There was quite a few of the smaller ones, though!

By then it was pretty late. Nathan wanted that Bee Fish again, so Sif reluctantly left for the Jungle. It took a while to get there, and a while again to go down to the Honey. She got the Fish just before Dawn, and handed it over panting.

Next up she finished filling the Water Basin, which never actually got finished off. There are now next to no puddles around Home-Tree, just one big one and the Pond. She fished up another present for Nathan out of it after Dawn, she sure does dote on him~ And his Gold Coins, which I don't know where he gets them from...

She had also found enough Vines to finally finish arranging them on Home-Tree, apparently it took a lot of them. Looks a lot more... Overgrown now, like a real Gigantic Tree.

The Water Basin done, Sif went off West again. She came across the Sand dunes she had half-mined out, and decided to finish them off. That took her a while to finally remember! Looks much nicer now though~

She used her Buckets to scoop up some Honey from one of the Hives, then it was back to Home-Tree to fill up the second Basin with it. So that is what they were for~ I think the 3rd one will be for Lava, but why would she need that? She fishes in Honey, and there are Sky fish for the Water one... Hmmm...

She is still pouring it in, looks like we will have to make a few trips to fill it properly. The Basin is huge!



Eye of Cthulhu
I'm looking forward to Bunnikins moral crisis when Sif kills Maxwell through the guide voodoo doll, or will it drop into the lava before Sif can get it?


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 67~

That night it was a Full Moon, so the Deathweed was blooming. Sif made sure to harvest them, and plant the Seeds. She doesn't have very many!

She packed up one of each of the Buffs again, and went out to the Jungle. She went to the same Hive, and filled up her Buckets with Honey... Then stood by this Gooey coccoon thingy. I hid on instinct, knowing what that look meant... The big grin of anticipation.

She smashed it open, squishing the Larva inside in the process. She then gulped down her mix of Buffs, and turned to see the biggest Bee I have personally ever seen. Looked angry!

It charged right at Sif, and she jumped over it with each screeching pass. She got clipped once, and winced. Then she stood ready on the Hive floor, and started whacking away with her Amazon.

The Bee retaliated with a swarm of little Bees, most of which got smooshed by the yoyo on their way towards her. A few got past, which she smacked down when she noticed them. Then came stingers, which Sif did a worse job of dodging, eeping and owwing whenever one hit.

That is kinda how the most of the night went. Scree-Woosh! Whackawhacka, Bzzzt, Pewpew. Maybe a glug of a Potion, if Sif needed it. they both kinda just kept repeating the same tactic, trying to outlast each other. I grew sleepy from watching, because it was taking aaaages!

Once the Bee got beat up badly enough, with Sif still looking fine from her careful Potion usage, the Bee got mad again, and started charging faster, and waiting less to use it's Stingers. This meant less time for Sif to dodge, and more owies for her!

They kept on fighting though, mostly the same as before, just more heatedly now. Sif started taking more damage than the Potions would Heal, and the Queen Bee was getting worn down.

The sun came, And the battle neared it's end! Sif was down to her last bits of strength, half her Buffs worn off. The Queen Bee was barely remaining airborn, wings tattered from all the Yoyo whackin's. And then it was one last head-on charge from both, and a squelch!

Sif returned to Home-Tree smugly, carrying a Yellow little Bag. She poured the Honey into the Basin, and put most of the contents from the Bag away in the Dome.

As she was putting the stuff away, another person came to the Home-Tree: A Witch Doctor, called Abibe. He was creepy, and made me vaguely think of those Salamanders down in the Caverns that try to eat me and Sif... Eep! Abibe seems nice enough though... For now...

Then Sif bought a few Piggy Banks from Frederick, and went off to the East. She went all the way to the Snowy Hut, and put one down at the Workbench there. She caught Nathan his Fish, then continued East some more.

She eventually got up to the Dungeon Hut, and giggled at herself when she saw she had already put down a Piggy Bank there. Oops! She Mirrored back to Home-Tree after, and handed the Fish over.

That done, it was out West to the Jungle again. Sif put down a Piggy Bank there too, and returned home once the Buckets were full of Honey. 3rd trip down, and the Basin is almost half-full!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 68~

Sif did a quick snip of the Herbs again, before leaving at Sunset. Two more uneventful trips for Honey, and not only was it Dawn, but the Hive Sif was using had been emptied!

She still needed more though... So we went to another Hive for the Sixth trip, and a half trip to try and fill it up. Turns out, she didn't grab quite enough... So she quickly got Nathan his daily Fish of Oddness, then went back yet again.

With the Honey Basin successfully full, she poured the rest of the Honey into the extra Puddle I mentioned, and scooped up the Blocks it formed. She then moved the last few handfuls of Water to the main Pond, and filed the empty Puddle in with Dirt.

All that done, Sif noticed the empty shell of a Hut in the Mushroom ledges, remembering that she was supposed to finish that off. Naughty Sif, always forgetting stuff! She put up some Mushroom Walls, and made a Mushroom Chair, Workbench and Door for it. All better~

Now it is getting dark, and Sif is using the Pond to fill up the Basin in the Mushroom farm. How many different fishing holes does she need?!



A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 69~

She took a while, but the Mushroom Basin is full too. And for some reason, the Pond doesn't look much emptier... Magically appearing Water, maybe?

Sif thought of something, and checked with miss Tatiana for more Planter Boxes. We now have special ones for Moonglow too! She carried them up to the Herb Garden right away, and harvested all the Moonglow in order to replace them.

Between the last of the Mushroom Basin, and the Planter Boxes replacement, dawn had crept up on us. Sif decided to go try something at the Dungeon, so off to the East we go!

Much later, she set the Mirror to the Dungeon Hut, and had me stay behind. Ooookay. It is still day, and I heard the Old Man say something about only being cursed at night... Huh?

Mere moments later, a very wounded Sif appeared at the Bed, deactivated it, and Mirrored back to Home-Tree. Abigail looked her over, as Sif grumbled about nothing being near the entrance.

She had a looot of broken bones... What exactly hit her? I am glad I stayed up top!

The rest of the day, Sif spent her time Fishin. She took out a ton of Bait from the Dome, and went to the high up Water Basin, and I played with Maxwell's face down below~

She eventually came down once she had caught a ton of Damsel Fish, then went down the Mineshaft for Cave Fish. Didn't sound exciting, so I continued playing with Maxwell. He seems so much healthier now with Sif around, he even has a belly! He used to be skin and bones, running around every night.

Sif is now putting away her spoils, and is planning to go out to the Crimson next. I better prepare to go with, that sounds more interesting... I might meet Di again!


Jack Morgan

Skeletron Prime
I'll look forward to it. Also, is Di going to return to the story, or is he/she gone for good?

I stopped posting when I got busy due to holidays, but when those were over I found myself very much occupied by Fallout 4 and RP and various personal projects, and Derunih was never around to bother me back to doing it. I'll try to get my :red: together today or tomorrow, hopefully.


A magnificent day for Adventure: Day 70~

Welp, no Di to be seen. Just tons of Fish. Sif caught a ton of Tiger Fish, and a lot of Hemophiranhas too. No Spider-bud for me. There were also a lot of Demon Eyes, then Crimera once the sun rose. Sif was not amused.

That took all night, so Sif was immediately off to the Pond afterwards to catch Nathan his Oddfish of the day. Apparently, that was the 30th one, so Sif had earnt the right to use a Golden Fishing Rod, handed down by a wise talking Fish to Nathan's ancestors. Neat.

Fishing for the day done, Sif sat down and sorted through all her Fish and Herbs. It seems all of that was for something special~

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