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  1. rongwroot2

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    The fly brain is found in chests in the underground jungle. It is an accessory, that, in singleplayer, slows down the physics of the game to 1/4 of the regular speed. It can be combined with bee wings to create fly wings, which look the same, but have halteres. It works like bee wings, but slows things down. Fly wings can be combined with a gold/platinum watch, to create time wings. These are like fly wings, but are lighter and emit glowing white particles, and they do not slow the player, only the surroundings. It will stack with the fly brain, making you slow, but everything else even slower.
  2. Would require a bit of coding to say the least. You would have to slow down EVERYTHING, from water, to arrows, Imagine lag, and multiplayer.
    Holy crap multiplayer.
    15 different people using fly brains/time wings/fly wings at once.
    Holy crap.
    Oh yeah, why u want this to be added again?
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  3. Baconfry

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    Well, for better or for worse, that's exactly what this suggestion is.

    I admit that it would be rather cool, but I'm not sure it's possible to force Terraria to run at 25% speed, and I'm not sure people would want to, unless there were an easy way to toggle it on and off.

    As of right now, you can kinda simulate this by using autopause judiciously. It's not the same, but it's close.
  4. Lord Garak

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    With some more refinement I think this idea would work. Perhaps it could only activate when a projectile is approaching the player for short periods of time?
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  5. rongwroot2

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    It doesn't work in multiplayer, and it would effectively increase the player's reaction time. The time wings would quadruple speed, which is useful.
  6. lFTLOGodsl

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    Eh. This entire thing with slowing down seems... I don't know. Mod-like? If anything instead of slowing down the entire game on screen, perhaps it would create a sort of disruption in the time-space around it in a radius that covers...I don't know a third of the screen? Something like this is pretty tricky if not impossible to code. I doubt Terraria would consider something this difficult.
  7. rongwroot2

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    Wouldn't itjust require taking all the variables that relate to speed, and quartering them? or is that the problem itself?
  8. Yeah.. you would have to do that with all NPCS, all projectiles, all drop speeds of items, falling, all liquids, all interactable objects... blehhh.
  9. rongwroot2

    rongwroot2 Skeletron Prime

    Would that be very laggy?
  10. Nononono, you would have to INDIVIDUALY slow down the things speeds.
  11. rongwroot2

    rongwroot2 Skeletron Prime

    Well, currently, the game must compute it all at regular speeds.
  12. Well, currently, the devs have to manually set speeds for different things.
  13. PeanutMusic

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    Why though?
  14. azekill_DIABLO

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    This things already exists. Just get a potato PC and it run terraria at 1/4th of regular speed. Or in multi, just have somebody watching 4K livestreams on your internet. I like the idea of a thing that slows down projectiles and NPC in a radius though. Like a panic necklace. Actually the panic necklace shall do Something like this.
  15. rongwroot2

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    That wouldn't work the way I described.
  16. azekill_DIABLO

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    I know, the first part was a joke. it's pretty much impossible to implement, but I'd sure love to see such a feature in-game. But really, the idea of it being a "fly brain" (flies aren't even in-game, well there are fireflies but…) doesn't convince me. Sry.