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tModLoader Gallium Mod

Is The Wooden Helmet Terrible?

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Version: Ballista

@BItSprites Spriter/Manager
@TheGeckoGamer Coder
@CookieBiscuit Spriter/Coder
@catocat9001 Spriter
@homo weirdus Coder
@IMainMudkip Spriter
@Tyrannar18 Coder
@LittleDevilKitty Spriter/Coder

This Mod Is In Very Early Stages. If You Want To Help Out, Please Send Me Your Work. The Purpose Of This Mod Is Just To Make Terraria More Fun. Also, Add Items, bosses, and more, To Challenge The Players. You Install This Mod By Going On The Mod Browser And Downloading It Or, Just Putting The Downloaded Files In The tModloader Folder (Mod Hasn't Been Released So, No Download). Thank you for your time! :) Also, as you look at the sprites, there will be no info on them. When this mod is released, info will be added.

Public Discord: https://discord.gg/hVYr5wC

Harpy Sword:

Harpy Throwing Dagger:

Harpy Spear:

Gallium Sword:

Dimension Splitter:

Proud Serpent:

Ceiling Fan:

Various Wooden Spears:

Ice Cream Sword:
(Yes, I Know This Is A Melee Weapon)


Slime Throw:


Jolly Holly:

Jolly Rodger:

U.F.Y. :
Rose Summon Staff:

Rose Summon:


Bubble Ward:

Hail Lasher:

Lunar Blues:

Hungry Needle:

Sizzle Bride:
Printed Knife:

Guided Arrow:

Lifedrain Bullet:

Lifedrain Arrow:

Throwing Hammer:

Glowstick Knife:

Green Snowball:

Flask of Lifedrain:
Mysterious Gun:

Cork Shooter:

Cork Shooter II:

Cork Shooter III:

Cork Shooter IV:

Cork Shooter V:
Cobalt Glove:

Palladium Glove:

Mythril Glove:

Orichalcum Glove:

Adamantite Glove:

Titanium Glove:
Wooden Quarter Staffs:

Copper And Tin Quarter Staffs:

Lead And Iron Quarter Staffs:

Silver And Tungsten Quarter Staffs:

Gold And Platinum Quarter Staffs:

Mr. Malice (Demonite) And Ms. Maimy (Crimtane):
Harpy Pickaxe:

Gallium Tunneler:

Gallium Warhammer:

Gallium Battle Axe:

Angel Slime:



Goblin Mech-Rammer:

Goblin Mech-Grenader:
Feather Fallers:


Cloud Jumper:

Corrupted Band:

Knife Printer:

Holy Extinguisher:

Club Soda:








Sky Terror Mask:
Wings Potion:

Risky Potion:

Slime Potion:

Boss Potion:

Buddy Potion:

Infinity Life Potion:
Gallium Bar

Flurry Bar:

Tigrite Bar:
Harpy Bone:

Old Trinket:

Broken Weapon Parts:

Vampire Fang:

Soul Of White:
Flurry Block Grid:
Sky Terror Trophy:
Endless Lava Bucket:

Endless Honey Bucket:
Mysterious Button (Event Summon):

Milk Carton (Boss Summon):
Sky Terror Bag:
Weapon Imbue Lifedrain:

Gyro Gyro:
Sky Terror:
For The People Who Support The Mod:

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Your sprites should have darker outlines, so that they fit in Terraria better. Another word of advice, I wouldn't start a thread for a mod until you have at least 10 things coded and sprited. But that's just my opinion.

Unit One

Staff member

People Who Are Working On This:
Hi there @BItSprites, welcome to the forums. You don't have much to show off as far as what work has been done on this mod. Will you be adding in more info to your first post?
Here's more info from the Player-Created Game Enhancements: Rules & Guidelines:
All game enhancement threads must include some form of introduction or description text explaining the purpose of the enhancement. A feature list, installation instructions, requirements beyond vanilla Terraria, example screenshots, enhancement logos, and support banners are all examples of useful information that could be included in the opening post.
If you still haven't started the mod, and you're looking for coders and spriters, I can move this to a better spot in General Mod Discussion.

Unit One

Staff member
@Unit One , I have no idea why I'm asking you but can you just change the thread name to just Gallium Mod? It's not letting me Change the name.:sigh: I feel like a pethetic baby who can't do anything... or something like that.
Just changed it. Sorry for the delay, I somehow didn't get the tag alert. :)

You're not able to change titles, so if you ever need one changed, the easiest way is to Report the first post and ask for it changed that way.


I've never made a mod except adding in a few custom weapons to Terraria but I do know the basics and have taken a class on C#, so if you need some coding help I could help out. (Though I don't have too much extra time with school and stuff)
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