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I totally haven't been playing too much Baldur's Gate 3 lately, but I would love to see some poison gas vents. I imagine they would work similar to Fog Machines were the gas just lingers in the air until the vent is shut or (not sure if this can be programmed like this) but the vent is covered via blocks. While the gas cloud is lingering it could give maybe an Poison debuff or slightly more effective poison type (I originally though maybe Acid Venom but that's a bit too fast for this slow killer).


In this example gif I used Gas Traps along with Grates which could be the recipe for this item, I would like it to linger for longer


An example of lingering gas using fog machines. This would be ideally for map makers (or simply just trolling your friends), for world generation I can see these being a new dungeon room but I would personally want to use these for my dungeons.
I like the idea. Sounds minor enough that spawning naturally wouldn’t be a deal breaker. Would player crafted ones be able to effect mobs though? Could it be sued for AFK farms?
I don't see any issue using it against mobs, however I don't see it being implemented into your standard volcano farm since it does require nothing to be directly above the vents
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