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Gem Portal

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Empress of Light
You might all know
. Yep, a teleporter. It can instantly tp you from a place to another in seconds. Pretty convenient.
Until you realize that you need to wire 2 teleporters to each other for them to work. It doesn't matter with short distance tping, but you'd rather walk/fly there. And long distance? Guess you will need a while.
I'm a lazy people so I'm suggesting this: Gem Portals.

Cenx posted a spoiler a while ago about Gem Holder (not confirmed real name), and after playing HoMM3 again, I came up with this idea.

[Gem] Portal.
Placeable. 5x4.
Crafting Recipe: 1 [Gem] Holder +1
+ 6 Wood + 6 Stone.
Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby, Amber, Topaz, Sapphire, Diamond.

Right click the gem holder (item frame in pic) will insert the large gem or take the gem out.
Right click the portal (white waterfall in pic) will go through the portal. You can only go through a portal if a gem is in the holder.
When you right click the portal, you will get teleported to another random gem portal of the same kind. (Walk in a Diamond Portal and get out of another Diamond Portal). You can get teleported to a portal of a same kind with no gem in it, but you can't use it to teleport to another portal. If no other portal of the same kind is present in the world, it will do nothing.

It will benefit people who wants to move one place to another without spending hours wiring. But you will need 15 gems to get a large gem, so that makes it even.

That's it. If you find any mistakes or have suggestions about a change, please let me know. Thanks for reading.


Dungeon Spirit
Interesting concept, but I'm fairly certain that hundreds and hundreds of wires is not balanced with 15 topaz or amethyst.
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