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General improvements to Golem

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Eye of Cthulhu
Terraria on whole is a great game. It does however have a weak spot. This weak link goes by the name Golem.
Golem is not a terribly difficult boss, and yet, it was one of the last bosses in the game. (pre-3.1) Before it and after are two of my favorite bosses, Plantera and the Lunar Cultist. In comparison, Golem pales, thus improvements should be made.

- AI
- Speed of Golem
- Locale of boss fight

Golem's improved AI would include things such as an ability to inflict the hence unused Dazed debuff. This thread assumes that the debuff igains a capibility to hamper wing flight time. The Inflictor of Dazed would be the Fists of Golem. This would challenge the player, as it becomes much harder to avoid damage from golem's feet. Said Feet would then deal massive damage (around 100 points or so). In addition to all this, Golems deserves the ability to pass through blocks. However, there would be a slight change as compared to most bosses, in that golem would be unable to pass through Lihzahrd Brick. In his next phase of attack, golem's eye lazers are replaced with a flamethrower-esque beam which would move slowly from the right to the left and back again. Aforementioned beam would inflict both the burning and Blackout debuffs. Burning is dealt while in the beam and On Fire for 15 seconds afer leaving it. Blackout is inflicted while in the beam and for 10 seconds afterwards. I also belive that the ricocheting fireballs should stop ricocheting and become yellow, homing fires. The speed at which they are released should also increase by about a third of the current rate. Finally, when the head detaches, it should continue the previously mentioned homing and Fire Beam attacks, with the addition of dropping large spiky balls (see Spiky ball trap).

Note: the next three sections are minor, and can be ignored.
Personal belief: The Picksaw should have a 100% drop chance the first time golem is beaten.

I belive that, while Golem is a technically a huge piece of rock, and should act accordingly, It really does not need to move as slowly as it does. IMHO Golem should start the fight at it's 8000 HP speed. Thus the challenge of the fight would be forced up somewhat.

It should not be possible to fight Golem outside of The Lihzahrd Temple. Therefore, a third criterion for golem spawn aside from Power Cell and altar should be the presence of 100 or more tiles of naturally occuring Lihzahrd tiles/walls.

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