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PC General Suggestions

Discussion in 'Portfolios/Multi-Topic' started by neoselket, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. neoselket

    neoselket Ice Queen

    Nerfed flairon to 50 damage, bubbles do half. No longer autouses.

    Vampire knives damage nerfed to 15. heal rate increased to 10%. heals slower the more health the player has.

    Scourge of the Corruptor homing eaters deal 80% of the main projectiles damage, and can also pierce one enemy each.

    A new trap, which triggers inactive stone blocks in the shape of a square, blocking in the pressure plate. Also spawns 1-3 skeletons. one use only, consumes a mob spawn item. (similar to dispensers and spawn eggs in minecraft)

    Cursed inferno debuff now deals -11 damage per second. also, it affects as many mobs as the ichor debuff.

    All mobs that currently are immune to cursed flames are now immune to the ichor debuff, but not cursed flames.

    The band of regeneration and all items crafted from it now halve the time it takes for regeneration speed to reach maximum.

    Philosiphers stone can be tinkered with cross necklace, which creates a philosiphers necklace.

    The bleeding effect now gives -6 health per second as well as preventing regeneration. seriously, if you're bleeding, you're going to get hurt.

    Poisoned now gives -4 life per second and on fire! gives -5 life per second.

    Wrath, rage, and endurance potions now only give +5% extra damage, critical strike chance, and damage resistance respectively.

    Alternate crafting of endurance potion: 1 blinkroot, one deathweed, one water bottle, one moonglow, and one leather.

    Alternate crafting of wrath potion: one water bottle, one deathweed, one worm tooth, and one vile mushroom.

    Alternate crafting of rage potion: one water bottle, one bloodweed, and three vertebrae.

    Leather can now be crafted with 5 vertebrae.

    Bloodweed, a crimson variant of deathweed.

    Alternate crafting of lifeforce potion: one bottled water, one moonglow, one death/bloodweed, one meteorite, one molten ore, and one daybloom.

    Alternate crafting of warmth potion: one bottled water, one shiverthorn, and one meteorite.

    Alternate crafting of inferno potion: one bottled water, one fireblossom, one molten ore, and one obsidian.

    Solar eclipse chance increased to 1 in 20. also, the day after defeating the destroyer for the first time will always be a solar eclipse.

    New gem: onyx, black. makes black stuff. one tier lower than diamond

    A new accessory that prevents life regeneration speed from resetting when the player takes damage.

    An accessory that allows all weapons to autoswing.

    Life fruits can now be crafted into a potion with a daybloom, a shiverthorn, and a fireblossom to make a potion that makes the player deal more damage the more injured they are.

    Umbrellas prevent taking rain damage from angry nimbuses.

    After defeating all mech bosses, the guide has new "help" quotes:

    Every now and then, the moon will cover the sun. Ghostly creatures will come out, but you need strong gear to fight them.

    The jungle is made of a material called chlorophyte. you need a very good pickaxe to mine it.

    When you are ready to fight the guardian of the jungle, you need to break the small pink flowers found there. Get well equipped before you do, though!

    There are small fruits found in the jungle that will give you more health. You should probably collect those.

    After plantera
    I heard a strange noise coming from the dungeon a while ago. You may want to check that out.
    If you combine pumpkins, ectoplasm, and hallowed bars, you will recieve a medallion. This will summon an army of ghostly creatures, so you will need to be well-prepared.
    If you combine silk and ectoplasm, you will recieve a present. When opened, it will will summon an army of icy creatures. However, they are very strong, so you need to be extremely well-prepared.

    When you summon the wall of flesh with any hardmode armor on, the "horrified: you have seen something nasty, there is no escape" debuff is changed to "mildly irritated: you have seen something somewhat bothersome, you feel compelled to stay"

    Blood moon chance increased to 1 in 7 once hardmode is activated, reverting to normal chance after plantera is killed.

    Wall of Flesh now drops 10-30 flesh blocks.

    Philosophers stone and Charm of myths now reduce potion sickness to 35 seconds.

    Band of regeneration and Charm of myths now decrease the time it takes to reach max regeneration speed.

    Moon Charm and Moon Stone can be tinkered to produce the Night Charm, which combines the effects of both with a 30% bonus.

    Black Belt can be combined with Tiger climbing gear to produce Adept Ninja gear.

    Band of Starpower can be obtained from gold chests as commonly as Lava Charms.

    Bee Cloak and Sweetheart Necklace release wasps(wasp gun strength) instead of bees.

    Possessed Shackle, gives +3 defense. Dropped from Possessed Armor, 1% chance.

    Radar, displays amount of nearby mobs. Crafted from a Battle Potion, 6 iron/lead bars, and 6 Wire.

    Lightning and Frostspark Boots give more Flight time than Rocket or Spectre boots.

    Equipping a Lava Charm(or variant) and Neptune's Shell(or variant) Gives the Merfolk Buff in Lava, still take damage after lava meter runs out.

    Lava Waders now give 2 extra fire symbols than Lava Charm.

    Razorblade Typhoon damage reduced to 50, use time increased to 23. No longer autouses.

    Rainbow Gun projectile now lasts for 20 seconds and deals 50 damage.

    Inferno Fork fireball now lasts for 5 seconds, up to 3 can be cast at once. each one reduces the duration by 1 second.

    (from a small suggestion i never posted)

    while playing a game called "nova defender", i came up with an idea for a terraria weapon.

    Nova Cannon
    damage: 71
    speed: very fast(10)
    shotos three stars with a(roughly) 35 degree spread
    each three stars only consumes one ammo
    uses fallen stars for ammo
    30% chance to not consume ammo
    crafted with a star cannon, illegal gun parts, and 100 souls of might.(they're not that hard to get.)

    Dungeon Guardian speed, damage, and defense doubled. now regenerates health.(just kidding!:p)

    Health potion slot: you use whatever potion type is in the slot(not the potion in the slot itself). only one potion fits in the slot. when you're out of potions of that type, it uses the best one you have.

    Swiftness potions now give extra attack and mining speed.

    Absorption Stone accessory, each attack dealt to you has a 20% chance to deal 0 damage, instead healing 5 health. Dropped by wall of flesh, 1%. Can be tinkered with a black belt to make a spectral talisman.

    Dungeon is larger in larger world types, being more than twice as big in large worlds.

    Extra large world type.

    Buff limit reduced to 10.(don't bug me about the titanium armor bug, im sure there's a good way to fix that)

    Replacement for Lifeforce crafting recipe: One daybloom, one Water bottle, and one Life Fruit.

    Molotov Cocktails are now crafted with 5 silk, 10 ale, 5 torches, and 5 bombs. deals 20 damage as opposed to 40.

    Achievement suggestions

    Look, no hands! look, no achiev-wait...: get no achievements(this one will be pretty easy to get)
    Yrimir: kill a dungeon guardian
    Sit! stay! HEY! NOT ON THE FLOOR!: summon a puppy with a dog whistle
    Achoo: get at least one of each flower type in your inventory
    Oops: summon the wall of flesh by killing a voodoo demon over lava(not tossing the doll in yourself)
    Hope you're in softcore...: enter hardmode without the night's edge
    Defeater of worlds: kill the eater of worlds(the pun was too good to pass up)
    Fleshed out: kill Wall of Flesh on first/second night
    Squashed: get to level 15 of the pumpkin moon and survive

    New texture for dayblooms in solar eclipses: [​IMG]

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    Sonnette Retinazer

    This is an awesome suggestion. Nice 59th message.