Give dye to painter to unlock that type of dye as paint

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    [​IMG] So what im thinking is, say you got a bunch of useless dye from turning in strange plants. Instead of selling them, you could give them to the painter to unlock that kind of paint. There could also be bonus rewards on the way.

    5 paints unlock: Paint mask.

    10 paints unlock: Paint splatter dye (Makes the accessory/armor completely white but with some spots of color)

    20: Paint combination station: Like dye station but with paints

    40: Paintball rifle

    80: Team swap cage (place-able, if an enemy walks in it becomes a pet)

    All paints: Painted trophy and paint roller (weapon that can launch paint that leaves a damaging debuff)

    All wisp dyes: Paint wisp (light pet like wisp but moves by itself to good areas)

    Lunar dyes and void dye: Void warp (magic item like rod of discord but damages all enemies you pass through)

    All living dyes: Paint sludge pet (a pet that looks like some living paint thing coming from the ground, changes color when moving)

    All rainbow dyes: Paint staff (Summons paint sludge's (from before) to fight for you, leaves a damaging trail on the ground)

    All flame dyes: Paint flame thrower (buffed version of flamethrower, uses paint as ammo)

    All strange dyes: Suspicious looking sludge (can turn into a sludge monster by pressing s twice, becomes faster, leaves damaging trail, smaller.

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    Interesting idea

    B6ILPOINT Skeletron Prime

    I feel like this idea should have more attention than it does. Although I feel like the weapons could be tweaked a little with relation to when each prize is received. I can help you with that if you like.

    As a whole, I'm with you. ~:D
  4. Creeper da Snek

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    Now introducing: Living Rainbow Paint! Guaranteed to make your eyes bleed out, especially on Rainbow Brick (Wall)!
    I like how you didn't just say 'give dye to the painter and get it as paint hurr de durr' and actually expanded on potential rewards. The only problem I can see with this is the possibility of having to add a second or event their shop to the Painter. Support!
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    Ok, I don't understand what you mean by event (cause cats don't go to school), but I will say you unlock it to buy it

    Also I've seen you before. I just can't figure out where
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    Gah, autocucumber got to me. That's supposed to say 'or even third shop'.
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    Oh yeeah.

    Oh now i remember you
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    Where do you remember me from?
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    Terraria Steam forums, i was blazeykat
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    And on that day JellyMantis (cat person) (fun fact I thought at first your image was a face) never heard from Creeper da Snek again...
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    No, we're the same person.
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    o,0 1 more identity and Illuminati confirmed...
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    @JellyMantis and @TheFriendless1, a friendly reminder to keep posts on-topic of what the thread is about (even if you're the thread creator). Feel free to take the chat to profiles or private messages though. Thanks.
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    Sorry. I will stay on topic from now on.
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    Sounds like a neat idea, full support.
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