Gold Ring Woes

Arpy Clarkson

So I've been on a quest to get a gold ring for a while now- I thought a 2% drop chance would be easy, but it has been anything but...

So I've done about 12-18 pirate invasions so far and have gotten 25+ platinum, ~5 lucky coins, a pirate staff, and even a discount card; but no gold ring. I must be doing something wrong?

My setup is your standard AFK grinder, a pit full of lava with me at the bottom collecting loot. Seems to work for everything but the gold ring.
I usually just wait out the wave until the invasion is over then head out to kill the Flying Dutchman. It's also worth noting that I have only ever gotten 1 drop from the Dutchman, and that was when I first killed it mid-invasion- has not dropped anything since.

Any ideas?
RNG is being a jerk to you, that is all

I myself have several gold rings, but a grand total of 1 lucky coin.
I had trouble with trying to get the damn Discount card. Gold Rings aren't quite rare, but since RNG is in control of it, I kinda see why you're having trouble

As @Milt69466 said, it's probably just RNG being stubborn. A couple more tries, and hopefully you'll get it. If you're really desperate, try doing it in Expert, the drop chance will be doubled
I have like 10 gold rings from farming for a lucky coin using the teleporter method made by @HappyDays and I'm yet to get a lucky coin.

Forgot that I also got 2 pirate staffs, 2 cutlasses and some other stuff.
I had trouble with this too. 10+ pirate invasions after 2 hours of making a farm. I finally used up my last product of pirate maps, and as I killed the last pirate captain that would end the invasion, I GOT THE GOLD RING! w00t! Celebration aside, I don't know what it is with us, Arpy, but I think the RNGs are just really not doing well. Keep trying.
I got several Gold Rings, a Discount Card, Pirate Staff and even a Coin Gun, but I never got a Lucky Coin. RNG is just a pain at times.
If you have a few friends, hop on a server together and just idle in your grinder. You'll get more pirates per map.

Even with just 2 people I've regularly seen multiple of the Greedy Ring components per invasion just due to the sheer amount of extra pirates. I'd offer a spare gold ring but I don't think I've actively farmed pirates on my own since 1.3 so I don't really have a stash of anything other than discount cards.
Try a Summoner set, that way you don't have to venture out to kill Dutchies. Makes it go faster. If you're lacking maps, try building a grinder or some such. Then use em one after another. Minions will protect you well if you feel like participating in the fight.
Lol, I was jk. But still, rngs are sometimes real jerks. I spent 3 years of Terraria playing, never getting a whoopie cushion (don't judge me), and my friend kills his very first giant worm and gets one. Just keep trying. Try a pirate map farm, and just grind. Enjoy it! Also, the pirate map farm isn't hard to create if you know what the basic principles are. Just keep trying. You'll get it! ;)
If you have no statues or farms or any ideas for grinding, you can summon an invasion (like Solar Eclipse) which will end with at least 3-4 of them. This isn't the best idea, but at least you can get some without mechanisms.

I got like 2 whoopie cushions during my whole gameplay (when they were useless anyway).
I once got a slime staff in the beginning of 1.2, and I had just defeated plantera and got a pygmy staff, so I sold my slime staff. Derp... ;(
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