PC Good. Bad. I'm the Guy with the YoYo: The Terraria 1.3 Official Trailer

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Computer is lagging out immensely, so I could only grab screens up to the 2 minute mark. Also one of them, which is exactly like all the others, is too big to load, for some reason. But the content in them is amazing.
All of that info is scaring me.png
All of these new throwable should make ppowersteef happy.png
Counting it as part of this.png
Crowno is ancient evil confirmed.png
Goblins, but Hardmode Also Dryad used Razor Leaf.png
Hadoken that is chargable right in the scorpions face.png
Hail Satan errr Cthulhu.png
He did not choose anyone's name for that guy ha cry about it.png
He makes a different roaring sound now.png
How the new expert mode stuff is gonna work.png
Impale rocks with spears somehow do damage also skeleton man was throwing those rocks.png
Lamia is a cool name.png
Nevermind it is a pushover.png
New fishing crate nad pretty chimney.png
Oh god no.png
Opening with bug net.png
That medusa was just on a trophy so it may be a boss i don't know.png
Planters, and pretty flowers.png
That skeleton guy must be taken for granite.png
Weren't you just trying to kill that guy with your rock things.png
What is different in this fight though.png
What is going on here.png
What is he riding I do not know.png
Which one is the player also a scorpion.png
Yo yo new bow and Fishron inflicted a new debuff.png
0:13 - Resident Evil Revelations
0:16 - Tonight, Gehrman joins the hunt...
0:47 - That's not on fire.
1:11 - The Flying Dutchman!
1:57 - What are you doing there, Plague knight? (or Crono, as many have pointed out.)
2:02 - Praise the... Sun?
2:25 - inb4 "That's no moon."
2:55 - This was a triumph. I'm making a note here, "HUGE success".
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