Google Picture war!


On most forums I have gone on that had a forum games section, they had a google picture war thread and were thriving.
This forum is pathetic, and also happens to lack a google picture war thread.
Coincidence? I think NOT!

Someone posts an image, and the person after them posts an image that somehow nullifies or defeats the last person's image.
Person one: *posts image of gun*
Person two: *posts image of guy behind ballistic glass*
Person three: *posts image of cracked glass*
Person four: *posts image of a roll of duct tape*

Rules (please read these before posting):
In the case of a loop of people repeatedly posting the same or similar images, break the loop with something different (example: if a ton of people keep posting images of planes, post an image of an anti-air turret)
If your image is confusing, please include an explanation of how the image defeats/nullifies the previous one.
Please avoid posting nukes or black holes, due to their tendency to create loops.
If you have used an image before, you cannot use the same image again!

Other than that, have fun!

Allow me to start:
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