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Granite Slime

Is good?

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Granite Slime.

It would be like a normal slime, but it would glow when it jumps, and would only spawn in the Granite. I think there's a mod with a similar idea, but I completely forgot about that while making this.

Anyways, here are the sprites. they're imgur links since uploading them here usually never works for me.

Normal (may be hard to see due to Imgur's black background: Imgur

Glowing: Imgur


Official Terrarian
How about: (BOLD stats are expert mode, extra stats are for hardmode and post plantera respectively)

Type Slime
Environment Granite Cave
AI Type Slime AI
Damage 9 / 17 (55) (82)
Max Life
30 / 60 (264) (330)
4 / 4 (16) (20)
KB Resist
0% / 10%

1 Silver 20 Copper
Gel 1-2 (100%)
Granite Block 2-6 (100%) / 3-7 (100%)
Night Vision Helmet 3.33%
  • Has Banner
Immune to:


Teh Manticore

I like the idea of slimes being block based, as if they formed by oozing from that material. We already have some of them as it is. You could add mud slimes, stone slimes, clay slimes, marble slimes (as suggested by "That RandomBuilderGuy"), <temple brick> slimes, <dungeon brick> slimes, etc etc. Killing them would have a high chance of spawning a block of the material, which would give a great way of ensuring maps always have a renewable source of it.
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